Hakeem Jeffries talks about the vote to impeach Mayorkas.

Hakeem Jeffries Slams GOP Mayorkas Impeachment Stunt

House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) slammed House Republicans for trying to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas instead of doing something about the border.

What Did Hakeem Jeffries Say On The House Floor?


Jeffries said:

Secretary Mayorkas is a good man, a patriotic man, and a hard-working man doing the best he can under very difficult circumstances. That’s not an impeachable offense. Extreme MAGA Republicans have produced no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has engaged in a high crime or misdemeanor, no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has engaged in an impeachable offense. And no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has broken the law or violated the Constitution. Not a shred of evidence, not a scintilla of evidence, nothing, but extreme MAGA Republican chaos and confusion.

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And the effort to avoid doing the hard work necessary to find common ground, to actually address the challenges at the border. What do these impeachment articles have to do with the issue of addressing our broken immigration system? Nothing. What do these impeachment articles have to do with building a healthy economy for everyday Americans? Nothing. What do these impeachment articles have to do with addressing the inflationary challenges and the affordability issues that the American people are experiencing day after day as we work to continue to emerge from a once-in-a-century pandemic that shut down the economy? Absolutely nothing.

Extreme MAGA Republicans have spent this entire congress not advancing any ideas, acting on any agenda, deciding not to work together with us to solve problems for the American people and so you’ve brought articles of impeachment that are not anchored in reality. You have brought articles of impeachment for one simple reason, because you really want to impeach Joe Biden. That’s what you were directed to do by the puppet master, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

You really want to impeach Joe Biden, but you realize that that is politically unpopular. And so you have brilliantly come up with in your minds, Plan B. Let’s go after Secretary Mayorkas. There is no evidence that he’s engaged in wrongdoing, committed a crime, or violated the Constitution, but let’s go after Secretary Mayorkas. Maybe that will satisfy the quest for revenge of the puppet master, because when the puppet master, Donald Trump says jump,
4:extreme MAGA Republicans say how high.

We just got evidence over that the last few weeks. MAGA Republicans have been lecturing America that we have to deal with the challenges at the border. We agree a bipartisan process has been underway in the Senate for months to try to fix our broken immigration system. But as soon as Donald Trump says no, we actually don’t want to do anything about the challenges at the border because politically that might not be good for us, you’ve walked away from working together in a commonsense fashion to fix our broken immigration system. Instead, what you have to offer the American people is this sham impeachment, this political stunt, this waste of time.


Leader Jeffreies was right. House Republicans had a choice. They could have chosen to do something about the border, or they could put on a show by trying to impeach Mayorkas.

They decided to go with the show because their reality TV D-list leader had no interest in governing or attempting to solve problems.

The Mayorkas impeachment is teetering on the brink of failure because the DHS Secretary has committed no impeachable offense, and House Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on.

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