Jen Psaki Obliterates A Many People Say Question From Right Wing Reporter

A reporter from Newsmax asked a Fox News style many people say question to Jen Psaki and was immediately taken apart.


The reporter asked, “There is a growing perception that this is really just the third term of President Obama. What do say to people who are saying that?”

Psaki answered, “Who is saying that? Who’s saying that?”

The reporter replied, “You’ve heard that a lot in the media.”

Psaki pressed, “Who in the media?”

The reporter came back with, “Different people.”

The Press Secretary asked again, “Like?”

The reporter had nothing because the people saying this are all in conservative media.

Right-wing media is having a difficult time trying to use the White House press briefing to inject their disinformation into the national discourse.

The reporter had no basis for her question. She couldn’t or wouldn’t name anyone who was making this allegation, so the purpose of the question was not to inform the American people, but spread disinformation.

Jen Psaki is only planning on being White House Press Secretary for a year, but she is teaching the nation a valuable lesson on how to debunk partisan propaganda, but challenging the premise of a question and not taking what is being asked at face value.

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