Jen Psaki Crushes Idiotic Press Question About Biden Crediting Trump For Pandemic Progress

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had to explain to the media why Trump deserves no credit for Biden’s pandemic progress.


Psaki said at the White House Daily Briefing, “That is an excellent recommendation as a speechwriter. The president has spoken to it in the past. He has applauded the work of scientists and the prior administration. The purpose of loss needs speech was, was to give an update on what his administration has been doing. He provides a light at the end of the tunnel and asks Americans to engage in the process into what’s needed to be done so we can get to those July 4th barbecues. I would say that Americans are looking for facts. They are looking for details. They are looking for specifics. I don’t think they are worried too much about applause from six months ago the president has delivered that publicly.”

I know that this is difficult for some in the corporate media to comprehend, but Joe Biden is more popular than Trump. He is getting the job done, and he is the president right now.

It would be nice if America one of these press briefings without some conservative media plant or corporate reporter asking a Trump-related question. Biden owes Trump nothing. Trump took tens of billions of dollars meant for PPE for healthcare workers for vaccine development. Trump only rushed the vaccine because he thought that it would get him reelected.

Trump got what he deserved at the ballot box in November. Joe Biden doesn’t owe Donald Trump a thing.

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