Jen Psaki Just Humiliated Tom Cotton For Claiming Universities Are Indoctrinating Students

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Sen. Tom Cotton’s proposed tax on universities for indoctrinating students, and she took him apart.


Psaki was asked about Cotton’s bill taxing America’s universities for indoctrinating the youth of the nation, and she answered, “Now you have intrigued me. What are the un-American ideas that are indoctrinating our youth?”

The reporter responded that the legislation wasn’t specific, and the Press Secretary replied, Oh, He’s not specific about the indoctrination of leaders from our universities?”

Psaki later invited Cotton over to the White House for a conversation about worker training, and corporations and the top one percent needing to pay more taxes, “Without much detail of where he thinks our youth are being indoctrinated — it sounds mysterious and dangerous. I don’t think we believe that educating the youth and the future leaders of the country on systemic racism is indoctrination. That is actually responsible. I would say if he is trying to raise money for something, then our view is there are lots of ways to do that. We know that a number of corporations have hugely benefited financially during the pandemic. They could pay more taxes. We think the highest 1% of Americans can pay more taxes. If he wants to have a conversation about worker training, we would love to have him over to have a conversation.”

Jen Psaki does more than dismiss the Republican culture war nonsense. She digs down into it and exposes the empty pandering. If Republicans are going to continue to propose empty-headed campaign jargon disguised as legislation, Press Secretary Psaki will continue to shoot it down.

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