Jen Psaki talks Putin at daily briefing

Jen Psaki Takes Down Putin By Thanking Him For Uniting NATO

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:47 pm

Jen Psaki had a takedown ready for Putin by thanking him for uniting NATO.


Psaki said when asked if Biden is going to push NATO members to spend 2% of their GDP on defense:

 Well, President Putin has been one of the greatest unifiers of NATO in modern history. So I guess that is one thing we can thank him for. I would just look at some of the announcements that have been made even over the last couple days, one, the president has always been an advocate and supporter of countries abiding by the 2% component.

 He was a supporter of that back when he was vice president, where for history’s sake there was a great deal of progress made before the last president took office and talked about it. To look over the past weekend, not only did you see a NATO alliance, that was incredibly unified, and an agreement among the Europeans, that there needed to be additional assistance, provided in the form of security assistance, to Ukraine, but you saw a number of countries take steps that they had not taken in recent history. 

Germany has historically not sent weapons to conflict zones, this weekend they changed course. Sweden also has not sent arms to countries in active conflict. That changed this weekend, Finland changed course, not all NATO members, but the point is what you are looking at here is a unified Europe unified west, a unified NATO, who are standing up to the aggression and the invasion led by President Putin. 

Putin has self-destructed and destroyed his fracture NATO project that he has been working on for years. One of the main reasons why Putin wanted Trump in the White House was that Trump would work to weaken NATO.

Given this context, Psaki’s comments were a pointed jab at Putin. Instead of destroying the alliance, Putin has strengthened it. NATO and the west are stronger and united by a common purpose after Russia invaded Ukraine, which is the opposite of what Putin has spent years striving for.


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