Jen Psaki Destroys Cowardly 1/6 Republican Hypocrites

Jen Psaki delivered a solid message for the Republican hypocrites who privately criticized the 1/6 attack but publicly stayed silent.


Psaki said when asked about the Republican hypocrisy on 1/6, “It is disappointing and unfortunate, not surprising that some of the very same individuals who are willing to condemn and express horror about what happened on January 6 in private were totally silent in public. Or, even worse, they were spreading lies and conspiracy theories and continue to since that 
time. So, disappointing, not surprising, unfortunately, we have seen a trend with some of the same individuals.”

I think the word that many are looking for to describe the behavior of House Republicans is cowardice. Elected Republicans are so afraid of crossing Trump or getting primaried that they will not defend the country even when it is violently attacked by a mob incited and led by the former president.

Republicans are cowards. Psaki was right. The GOP behavior is nothing new. The nation has seen it since Trump took over the Republican Party in 2016. Any individual who is not willing to live up to their oath of office and protect the nation has no business serving in elective office for the country.

Any Republican who won’t stand up for America in the face of the authoritarian threat is unfit to serve in the United States Congress.