Lindsey Graham blasts Biden for doing the same thing that Trump did on the border.

Lindsey Graham Humiliates Himself While Raging About Biden Sending Troops To The Border

Sen. Lindsey Graham raged about President Biden sending troops to the US border, but when asked about Trump doing the same thing, the Senator from South Carolina said that Trump did the best job of his lifetime.


Graham called Biden sending troops to the border “ridiculous theater.” He added, “It won’t change the outcome.

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When Graham was asked about Trump doing the same thing, he changed his tune, “I feel that Donald Trump did the best job in my political lifetime. When Donald Trump did something, it worked. Everything he did, as Ted (Cruz) suggested, it worked.”

If Biden does something, it is going to fail. If Trump does anything, even things that have been proven to be complete failures. it worked.

This is totally normal behavior for a political party, and not a cult in any way, shape, or form.

Sen; Graham’s comments are the height of partisan hypocrisy, but they also represent how the Republican Party continues to fool itself into sticking with Trump when he was an obvious failure as president.

Lindsey Graham knows that Trump failed, but he is all in on the Kool-Aid, so he can never say that.

Graham is a shell of the public figure that he once was, and it is striking to watch a US Senator humiliate himself for Donald Trump.


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