Top Conservative Commentator Destroys ‘Spineless’ GOP Senators Who Voted For Trump’s Emergency

Until the GOP does the right thing and unanimously stands up to this president – the most unfit and corrupt in history – they deserve no credit.

GOP Senators Humiliate Trump With Legislation That Would Cripple His Emergency Powers

The legislation introduced by Republicans on Tuesday is the clearest sign yet that even they are growing uncomfortable with Trump's abuse of power.

Ari Melber Flat Out Calls Mitch McConnell A Threat To Public Safety

To Mitch McConnell and too many other NRA-owned Republican lawmakers, public safety doesn't matter so long as their campaign checks keep cashing.

Trump In Free Fall As He Is Trying To Stop A Flood Of Senators From Voting Against His ‘National Emergency’

The White House is scrambling to prevent a mass Republican Senate defection of votes against Trump's national emergency declaration.

Beto O’Rourke Likely To Launch 2020 Campaign Within Weeks

Former Democratic Rep. Beto O'Rourke says he and his family have made a final decision regarding their plans for 2020.

Trump’s Fake Emergency Headed For Defeat As Another GOP Senator Vows To Block It

Right now, at least three Republican in the Senate appear to be ready to block Donald Trump's phony national emergency declaration.

Susan Collins Will Join Democrats In Blocking Trump’s Fake National Emergency

Sen. Susan Collins' opposition is just the latest signal that Donald Trump's fake and illegal emergency declaration is in trouble.

‘What’s The Point Of Congress?’: Katy Tur Rips GOP For Turning Blind Eye To Trump’s Power Grab

In the Donald Trump era, Republicans in Congress have abdicated their responsibilities and refused to act as a co-equal branch of government. 

Parkland Dad Warns GOP They’ll Lose Senate For Ignoring Real National Emergency Of Gun Violence

If Republicans continue to hold this issue hostage as the body count grows then more of them will lose their jobs in 2020.

‘Unbelievable Abdication’: Rick Wilson Shames His Party For Not Stopping Trump’s Fake Emergency

As was the case with Donald Trump's Muslim ban, America cannot count on the courts to save us from the latest abuse of power by Trump.

Ari Melber Destroys The Myth That Susan Collins Is A Pro-Choice Moderate

Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's recent vote to restrict women's rights has exposed Republican Sen. Susan Collins as a fraud.

Millions Of Americans Won’t Get Refund Checks This Year Because Of The Trump-GOP Tax Scam


One important element of the Trump-Republican tax scheme is that those who live in the bluest states will be harmed the most.

Mitch McConnell Warns Trump That The Senate Will Oppose A Phony National Emergency

There is no appetite for a new Trump political stunt over his border wall – whether it's another government shutdown or a phony emergency declaration.

Senate Republicans Are Finally Realizing That Trump Is Unfit To Be Commander-In-Chief

As Trump becomes more unhinged, Republicans in Congress are increasingly casting votes to take foreign policy out of his hands.

Democrats And Republicans Finally Agree: The Best Way To Govern Is To Ignore Trump

Following the disastrous Trump government shutdown, Democrats and Republicans have found one thing they can all agree on.