Kyrsten Sinema Sabotages Democrats With Call For Stronger Filibuster

While speaking at the McConnell Center, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) called for strengthening the filibuster.

Video of Sinema:

Sinema said, “Not only am I committed to the 60 vote threshold, I actually think we should restore the 60 vote threshold to areas where it has been eliminated.”

Sen. Sinema was speaking at the Mitch McConnell Center, where McConnell introduced her. Sinema is already cruising for a primary challenge from Democrats, and the clips of her speech reflect someone who arrogantly believes that she is above the “passions” of Republicans and Democrats.

The message that Sinema sent was clear. Democrats need to pick up two Senate seats in six weeks to render Sinema irrelevant, and she will no longer be able to obstruct progress. Kyrsten Sinema has now given more speeches with Mitch McConnell (1) than she has held town halls with her constituents in Arizona (0).

Sinema knows that she could never get elected as a Republican in Arizona. She needs the Democratic Party, but she is also under the delusion that she is the reincarnation of John McCain and she can be above partisan politics.

Sen. Sinema is standing with Mitch McConnell on the filibuster, so Democrats must end her obstruction on election day.