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U.S. Treasury official charged with leaks linked to Russia probe

By Brendan Pierson and Sarah N. Lynch NEW YORK/ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Reuters) – A U.S. Treasury Department official has been criminally charged with leaking confidential documents relating to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and others to a reporter from digital media company BuzzFeed, Manhattan federal prosecutors said on Wednesday. Natalie May Edwards, a senior adviser…


Here Are The Facts: Right Wing Political Violence Far Outweighs Left Wing ‘Angry Mobs’

Republicans can’t talk about the issues that really matter to voters, so they gin up false narratives to get out the vote. This midterm, they’ve come up with “liberal mobs” and “antifa” coming to get everyone. In reality, the “liberal mobs” are angry about rape and jailed babies; they want a dialogue, they aren’t even…


A New ‘Pink Resistance’ Is Transforming American Politics Forever

Conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin, a longtime Republican, warned her party on Tuesday that Donald Trump has “unleashed a pink resistance that will transform American politics forever.” ‘Blue wave’ or ‘left-wing mob’? Anti-Trump fervor fuels a new movement aimed squarely at winning elections. https://t.co/G1qqP6LwPB neither: the pink resistance https://t.co/JYKgRqhK3S — Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) October 16, 2018…


Literary Group Sues Trump For Illegal Attacks On the Press

In a suit filed Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, the PEN American Center (PEN America) alleges that “official acts” by President Donald Trump have “violated the First Amendment and his oath to uphold the Constitution.” Breaking: PEN America sues Trump over claimed retaliatory actions against media organizations. Lawsuit cites Trump’s attacks on the Post…

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