Bad News For Trump As Poll Shows It Will Be His Fault If Republicans Get Crushed In Midterms

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll disproves Trump’s claim that he will not be to blame if Republicans get beaten in the midterms.

Trump told the AP that would not accept blame if Republicans lose the House, “No, I think I’m helping people. I don’t believe anybody’s ever had this kind of an impact.”
The Morning Consult/Politico poll found that voters see little difference between GOP candidates and Trump:

A majority of voters (56%) say President Trump represents the majority viewpoint of Washington Republicans. That is 13 percentage points higher than a similar poll conducted in April, and up 23 points since August 2017.

Together, it marks a net 45-point swing toward Trump as the face of the GOP in D.C., since Morning Consult first asked the question eight months into his first term as president. The trend polling shows Democrats, Republicans and independents all growing more likely to say Republicans in Washington are reflective of their party’s standard bearer.

There is also this little nugget, “A majority of voters (58%) believe President Trump should be challenged to a 2020 Republican primary, 30% say he shouldn’t.”

The problem for Trump in a graph:

Voters see no difference between Trump and Republican candidates

Trump is going to get blamed if Republicans lose one or both chambers of Congress because voters are going to the polls and using their votes as a vote on Trump. The president is going to do his usual distancing act and blame others when Republicans have a bad night on the first Tuesday in November, but the reality is the same for Trump as it was for Obama, Bush, and Clinton before him. The midterm election is a referendum on the president.

An ominous storm cloud for 2020 is that voters would like Trump to be challenged within the Republican Party. Congressional Republicans are about to be steamrolled in a few weeks because they refused to stand up to Trump. If Republicans refuse to grow a spine in dealing with their own president, they could lose the White House in two years.

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