Nancy Pelosi Knows She Has Trump Right Where She Wants Him

There are three key reasons why Democrats aren't about to cave in, regardless of how many times this petulant president lashes out.

Maxine Waters Tells Trump She Can Investigate Him And Fight For The Middle Class At The Same Time

While the GOP couldn't even keep the lights on with control of all levers of power, Democrats are planning to get the government firing on all cylinders.

Chris Hayes Erupts On GOP Congressman: ‘Get Mexico To Pay For The Wall’ If You Want It So Bad

Chris Hayes destroyed a Republican congressman on Thursday for asking the American people to pay for Donald Trump's border wall.

Ari Melber Tears Into The Media For Big Mistake Of 2018: Understating The Anti-Trump Blue Wave

The biggest political story of 2018 was the major revolt against the Trump presidency by American voters – and the media largely brushed it under the rug.

Scott Walker Immediately Sued For Bill Stripping Democrats’ Power

Moments after Scott Walker signed a series of bills that weakened the power of the incoming Democratic Wisconsin governor and attorney general he was sued for a potentially illegal act.

North Carolina Democrat Calls For New Election After Blatant GOP Vote-Rigging Scheme

The Democratic candidate in North Carolina's 9th congressional race said there should be a new election if the results were tainted.

Dems Could Add Another Seat To House Majority As Stolen NC Race Is Pulled Out Of GOP Column

Dems could add another seat to their majority, giving them a gain of 41 seats and icing on the cake of what turned out to be a massive blue wave in 2018.

Democratic House Candidate Withdraws His Concession Due To North Carolina Election Fraud

Dan McCready, the Democratic House candidate in North Carolina's 9th district has officially withdrawn his concession, as he believes that Republican Mark Harris knew about and bankrolled his campaign's election fraud.

Rachel Maddow Shreds GOP For Ignoring Massive Election Rigging Operation In North Carolina

What this election year in particular showed is that Republicans are happy with voter fraud if it helps them win elections. 

Trump Goes Silent After Republicans Accused Of Voter Fraud In NC

Trump was all about voter fraud when he thought immigrants were stealing elections, but now that Republicans have been accused in North Carolina, the president is silent.

Democrats Are About To Flip A 40th House Seat In CA-21

Democratic candidate TJ Cox has increased his lead in the last undecided House race, which means that Democrats are likely to flip a 40th House seat.

Mississippi Embraces Its Racist Past: GOP Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith Beats Democrat Mike Espy

Mississippi was given the opportunity to move out of the dark shadow of its racist past on Tuesday. Voters in the deep-red state declined.

Democrats Poised To Flip 40th House Seat As TJ Cox Leads In CA-21

Calls of Republican victory have been retracted as Democrat TJ Cox has taken the lead in the last remaining undecided House race.

As Trump Arrives, Nooses Found In Mississippi State Capitol Trees

Mississippi noose trees

Two nooses and hate signs were found on trees in the Mississippi state capitol on the same day that Trump will be campaigning in the state for Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith.

A Blue Mississippi? Watch A GOP Voter Say She Will Vote For Mike Espy

Some Republicans in Mississippi say that they will not vote for Cindy Hyde-Smith and racist ways of the Old South in the Senate election runoff.

Record-Breaking Blue Wave: Democrats Won The 2018 Midterms By Widest Vote Margin Ever

The Democrats' raw vote margin from the 2018 midterm elections broke the previous record they set in the Watergate era midterms.

Here To Stay: Stacey Abrams Promises She Will Run For Office Again

While Stacey Abrams will not be Georgia's next governor, her candidacy in the once-red state shows that the future of the Democratic Party is bright. 

Joy Reid Tells Democrats To Stop Taking The GOP’s Bait On Nancy Pelosi

Instead of continuing to take the GOP's Pelosi bait, Democrats should stick to the issues that got them elected in massive numbers earlier this month.  

The NRA Is Going So Broke It Can’t Even Afford Coffee For Its Employees

The less power and influence the NRA has, the more likely it is that Congress will finally work toward life-saving gun control legislation.