Nicolle Wallace Explains The Secret Big Advantage That Democrats Hold In The Midterm

Nicolle Wallace said that people vote out of love and hate, and the advantage that Democrats have in the midterm is that they have candidates that they love.

Wallace said during MSNBC’s election preview show, “Voting in mid-terms is extra extra hard. People vote in midterms out of love and hate. I think the Democrats I think we saw the numbers, about half the country love Donald Trump. 46%, about 40%, more hate him. I think what the Democrats have going for them in big states is they have someone to love as much as they hate Trumpism and everything it ushered in. The race baiting, xenophobia. Racism. And all the things they hated about Trump have been matched by candidates they love. If you watch the local coverage, Andrew Gillum is exciting people as much as Trump is turning them off. And so I think in some of the races that we talked about watching, there are voters, on the Democratic side that are as motivated by love for some of these candidates by hatred of Trumpism.”


Nicolle Wallace was right. It doesn’t shine through on the national coverage, but voters have candidates in top of the ballot races in Florida, Texas, and Georgia that they adore. Gillum, O’Rourke, and Abrams are generating Obamaesque energy among voters in those states. That is why Republicans in all three states are worried about voter turnout for Democrats because the Democrats have a whole slate of talented candidates running in races across the country that have voters fired up and turning out.

Trump has only been selling himself and hate during this midterm campaign. Republicans haven’t made any new stars, because no one in the Republican Party is allowed to outshine Donald Trump.

The rule of thumb in elections is that love is a stronger influence on voters than hate. Democrats have both working in their favor in this election, and it is the secret weapon that could push them over the top on Tuesday.

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