Trump Goes Full-Blown Crazy And Calls Pittsburgh Synagogue Protests ‘Make-Believe’

In more evidence that the president of the United States is completely out of his mind, Donald Trump called yesterday’s powerful protests in Pittsburgh “make-believe” and “fake.”

In a ramble at the beginning of his remarks, Trump whined about the coverage of his Tuesday photo-op at the Tree of the Life Synagogue and blasted the media for covering the demonstrations that took place.

He didn’t just complain though; the president said that what happened in Pittsburgh simply wasn’t real.

Trump’s complaint on Wednesday comes after he issued a tweet about his visit to Pittsburgh, once again making another tragedy about himself.

“The Office of the President was shown great respect on a very sad & solemn day,” Trump said in a tweet. “Small protest was not seen by us, staged far away. The Fake News stories were just the opposite.”

But according to The Washington Post, the crowd wasn’t small, particularly given how impromptu the demonstrations were, and it wasn’t far away.

“By the time Air Force One arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport, the protest had swelled to about 2,000 people,” the report noted.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out earlier, “The protesters were a block away, but loud enough for Trump to hear them as he visited the synagogue.”

Here’s more evidence that Trump just flat-out lied

Donald Trump can huff and puff all he wants in front of his MAGA cult, but the American people saw the beautiful protests play out before their own eyes on Tuesday night.

Just because Trump may not have seen the peaceful demonstrations during his photo-op in Pittsburgh, it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

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