Live: Trump Freaks Out After Blue Wave And Fires Jeff Sessions

Sarah Jones and Jason Easley talk about Trump’s desperate response to the blue wave midterm being a firing of the attorney general in an effort to stop justice from coming down on him.

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Live: PoliticusUSA’s Blue Wave Call In Midterm Spectacular

Listen live at 3:30 PM ET, call in and talk to PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones and Jason Easley about the midterm election.

The Politicus Pod: Republicans In Retreat As Blue Wave Approaches

On the new Politicus Pod, Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the cresting blue wave and the Republican retreat from the House.

The Politicus Pod: Polls, What To Believe And What To Doubt

In the return of the Politicus Pod, Sarah and Jason take on the topic of polls. What part of the polls should you believe before the midterms, and what should you doubt.

Paul Ryan Is Plotting To Stab 16 Million Americans In The Back By Taking Away Their Healthcare

A statement from Paul Ryan and the actions of the House Rules Committee have made it clear that Speaker Ryan is gearing up to take away insurance from 16 million Americans before next Tuesday.

Politicus Podcast: The End Is Near As Republicans Have 13 Days To Stop Trump

PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss what could be the last 13 days in the life of the Republican Party.

Politicus Podcast: Donald Trump Has Meltdown At His Fake White House Press Conference

trump gop unfair face the nation

Check out the reaction of PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones and Jason Easley to Donald Trump’s fake White House press conference meltdown.


Politicus Radio: Another Day, Another Republican Caused Disaster

The DHS funding fight that Republicans provoked with President Obama is a hole that John Boehner keeps digging himself deeper and deeper into.

Politicus Radio: Democrats Push Back On Disrespect Of Obama

On this episode of Politicus Radio, Sarah Jones and Jason Easley discuss the Democratic pushback to the disrespect that was shown to President Obama by Netanyahu and Boehner.