Katy Tur Blasts Trump’s False Claims Of Florida Voter Fraud

MSNBC’s Katy Tur said what every media outlet should be saying there is no evidence of voter fraud and Republicans are trying to undermine the election in Florida.

Tur said:

There is no evidence of voter fraud in Florida; there’s no investigation into possible fraud either. But the president is calling to shut down the state’s recounts and declare his side the victors. He says Florida ballots have been forged and corrupted to such an extent that an honest vote count is no longer possible. So just make Republican Rick Scott senator and Ron Desantis governor already. At least that’s his argument. But to repeat what I said there is no evidence of voter fraud down in Florida, and there is no investigation into possible fraud either. Both Republicans have seen their small leads get smaller heading into the recount, which officially got underway yesterday. It is a razor-thin 0.2% lead for Rick Scott in the Senate contest. And a 0.4% lead for Ron Desantis in the governor’s race.


To repeat, there is no evidence of voter fraud down in Florida. There is no investigation into possible fraud either. The Florida Department of State, which is run by a Scott appointee, said Saturday that our staff has seen no evidence of criminal activity at this and they reiterated that finding yesterday. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said on Friday that we do not an active investigation and they reiterated that statement yesterday as well.

Let’s be fair here, though, the state’s second biggest county Broward, which is a Democratic stronghold, is a testament to electoral dysfunction. And on Friday a judge found they violated transparency laws. Scott filed a lawsuit attempting to have the state impound all of Broward’s voting machines, tallying devices and ballots, but a judge denied that request today saying I don’t think I have any evidence to enter a mandatory injunction right now


Republicans are trying to steal an election in Florida

If all of the ballots are counted in Florida, Democrats will likely win the Senate seat and they may win the governor’s race too. Republicans are throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks because they are desperate not to have all of the votes counted. Every single journalist in the United States should begin their Florida stories by repeating the same factual point. There is no evidence of voter fraud and absolutely no reason for the vote counting to stop.

Republicans cannot be allowed to steal this election in Florida.

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