Trump Goes Silent After Republicans Accused Of Voter Fraud In NC

Trump was all about voter fraud when he thought immigrants were stealing elections, but now that Republicans have been accused in North Carolina, the president is silent.

As The Washington Post reported, Republican Mark Harris appears to have cheated in North Carolina:

Investigators are also scrutinizing unusually high numbers of absentee ballots cast in Bladen County, in both the general election and the May 8 primary, in which Harris defeated incumbent Rep. Robert Pittenger (R) by 828 votes. In the primary, Harris won 96 percent of all absentee ballots in Bladen, a far higher percentage than his win in the county overall — a statistic that this week is prompting fresh accusations of fraud. Another irregularity in both the primary and general elections is the high number of absentee ballots in some precincts that were requested but not turned in.

In one sworn statement, Bladen County voter Datesha Montgomery attested that, on Oct. 12, a young woman came to her door and asked for her ballot, stating that she was collecting people’s ballots in the area.

“I filled out two names on the ballot, Hakeem Brown for Sheriff and Vince Rozier for board of education,” Montgomery wrote in the affidavit. “She stated the others were not important. I gave her the ballot and she said she would finish it herself. I signed the ballot and she left. It was not sealed up at any time.”

What have Trump and the Republicans had to say about this?

Absolutely nothing.

There are voter fraud and voter suppression happening in elections across the country, but it isn’t Democrats wearing disguises and voting multiple times as Trump claimed. It isn’t illegal immigrants or non-citizens voting.

It is Republicans who can’t get elected on the basis of their own policies and positions so they are trying to cheat the system. The election in North Carolina‘s 9th district should be thrown out, and a new election held without Mark Harris on the ballot.

Voter fraud is real, and it is Republicans who are doing it.