Georgia Voters Aren’t Buying Brian Kemp’s Democratic Hacking Scam


Georgia voters are flat out rejecting and not being distracted by Republican Brian Kemp’s last-minute allegation that Democrats tried to hack the voting system in Georgia.

When asked by MSNBC if she believed the allegations one Georgia voter said, “I don’t think they’re true. I think it’s a distraction. I think he’s trying to get everyone confused right before the election, and I think he should have stepped down as secretary of state for overseeing this since he was also running.”



An Independent Georgia voter who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump wasn’t all in on Kemp’s claims either, “I think there’s something in the middle. There always is. What has to happen is not happening across America. We got to bring people together for compromise, and we don’t do that very well, and to be blunt, I have not voted. I always wait until the day of. I’m still reading things. I’m an Independent voter. One year I voted for Barack Obama and one year I voted for Donald Trump. It depends on the issues. What bothers me the most about it is is that we have distractions and need to get on with the vote and get on with healing our country. It’s not been that way in the last two years. There’s always something out we’re always dealing with something so just get it out there, tell us what to worry about and get focused.”

As Rachel Maddow recently discussed with the former head of Facebook security, Kemp’s allegations are bogus because there is no way that he has enough data to accuse anyone of trying to hack the voting system so soon. Also, Georgia Republicans have a long history of attacking and accusing people who point out flaws in their voting machines.

The upside of having a president who lies to the country an average of 10 times a day is that people more skeptical of Republican dirty tricks and last minute claims. The stunt that Kemp pulled was straight out of Trump’s greatest hits. Kemp is trying to give himself an excuse if he loses while disrupting the momentum of Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams.

Judging for the reactions of these voters, his desperate gambit isn’t working.

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