Trump Is Trying to Run on Healthcare By Taking It Away

Trump goes to the healthcare well of promises when he thinks he's losing an election. Trump is now promising a healthcare vote would come right after the 2020 election.

U.S. states, cities sue to block Trump ‘conscience’ rule for healthcare workers

Two dozen U.S. states and municipalities sued the Trump administration on Tuesday to stop it from enforcing a rule that would make it easier for doctors and nurses to avoid performing abortions on religious or moral grounds. read more

Republicans Admit That They Have No Plan To Lower Healthcare Costs

Republicans admitted that they are running against socialism in 2020 because they have no plan to lower the cost of healthcare.

The Democratic Healthcare Agenda And Obamacare Are Massively Popular With Voters

A new poll reveals that 65% of voters approve of Obamacare and 69%-90% support the planks of the Democratic healthcare agenda.

Fox News Town Hall Backfires As The Crowd Nearly Unanimously Supports Medicare For All

The American people agree that in the richest country on earth, health care coverage should be a right, not a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

Trump Says Reelect Me And I’ll Take Away Your Healthcare

Trump unintentionally told voters that if they reelect him he will take away their healthcare while trying to retreat on killing Obamacare.

House Dems Are About To Force A Vote On Health Care That Could Sink Trump And The GOP In 2020

With the administration renewing its push to take health care coverage from millions of Americans, health care is likely to be even more important in 2020. 

Rachel Maddow Says Trump Just Made Two Moves That Will Doom Him In 2020

Rachel Maddow said that the Trump administration made two major decisions on Tuesday that could doom his reelection chances come 2020.

Pete Buttigieg Crushes Trump’s Laughable Claim That The GOP Is The Party Of Health Care

In making another effort to take health care coverage away from millions of Americans, Trump is handing Democrats a giant gift.

Kamala Harris Turns Trump’s New Obamacare Attack Into A GOP Backfire

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) turned Trump's new attack on Obamacare into a powerful election issue.

With Mueller Bomb Coming, Desperate Trump Attacks Planned Parenthood

Trump cut off $286 million in federal family planning services funds to Planned Parenthood in a clear effort to cater to his base before the Mueller report is submitted.

Top House Republican Admits Taking Healthcare Away From People Was A Really Bad Idea

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy admitted to donors that trying to take healthcare away from people was a really bad idea.

House Democrats Move With Lightning Speed To Defend Obamacare

House Democrats moved very quickly to file a court motion defending Obamacare from a Republican lawsuit that is attempting to kill the health insurance law.

Historic Democratic House To Hold First Ever Hearing On Medicare For All

House Democrats are making history as their majority is sworn in, and they intend to hold first-ever hearings on Medicare for all.

Brett Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals In Big Planned Parenthood Win

Brett Kavanaugh sided with liberal justices as Planned Parenthood won a big victory against red states who tried to deny funding to Medicaid patients.