Trump Is Tweeting About Fox News Ratings As Global Health Crisis Rages

As fears grow about a looming coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to demonstrate that he is super concerned – about the ratings of his favorite cable news network.

Trump shared a tweet that boasted about Fox News’ ratings, claiming that the network’s numbers are up “because they cover your favorite President relatively well.”

Shortly after, the president retweeted another ratings-related post that boasted about Fox’s ratings last month.

It’s the latest sign that Trump sees himself not as a president of the United States but as a glorified TV pundit with an oval-shaped office.

Meanwhile, the world is grappling with a health crisis

As Donald Trump spent his Tuesday bragging about Fox News ratings and whining – still – about the Roger Stone case, the world is grappling with a health crisis.

The CDC warned earlier in the day that the American people should prepare for the likelihood that the coronavirus will impact their communities and daily lives. Officials believe a global pandemic is likely.

In response to the unfolding crisis, stocks have been in a free-fall over the past two days, something Trump didn’t seem to notice as he tweeted that the coronavirus “is very much under control” and “the markets are starting to look very good to me!”

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, the fact remains that the part of the federal government that’s in charge of responding to such global health crises has been vacant since 2018, when this president emptied it.

Donald Trump has always been unfit to hold the presidency, but that’s particularly true in the midst of a global health crisis.

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