Trump Supports Taking Healthcare Away From 20 Million As The Economy Collapses

Trump admitted during Sunday’s coronavirus briefing that he supports the lawsuit that would kill the ACA even while the economy is collapsing.

Trump said:

That’s a lawsuit coming out of Texas. We want to get rid of the bad health care and put in a great health care. I can make this commitment to you. The Republican Party is fully backing preexisting conditions. Now, if we can get a great health care plan which would need the House to do, but if we can get a great health care plan, we will only do it if we have preexisting conditions totally backed.

So we’re backing preexisting, but read like to get rid of bad health care. Now, we are running the bad health care much better than it was ever run and we’re making it better. But it can be much better than it is. What we want to do is terminate it, have a great health care, but we’ll only do it with preexisting. We’ll back preexisting conditions.

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If the lawsuit killing the individual mandate is successful, it is estimated that a minimum of 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance.

Trump is trying to turn a recession into a depression, and the fastest way to do that would be to increase the number of uninsured in the country by a minimum of 20 million. The right answer to the question is an increase in health insurance coverage to help people who are losing their jobs, not to throw more people off of their coverage.

Trump is sowing the seeds for a total disaster.

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