Kayleigh McEnany Refuses To Tell America What’s In Trump’s Healthcare Plan


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany refused to say who is working on Trump’s healthcare plan or what is in it during a press conference.

McEnany said, “I’m not going to give you a readout of what our healthcare plan looks like and who’s working on it. If you want to know come work here at the White House…Stakeholders here in the White House, our domestic policy council, and others here in the White House are working on our healthcare plan. The president’s vision for the next five years, and if you want more, come join us here.”



The official White House position on Trump’s healthcare plan is that only people who work at the White House are allowed to know what it is. Trump has been promising a healthcare plan for five years, and he has rolled out nothing.

There is no healthcare plan.

The Trump administration is part of a lawsuit to kill the Affordable Care Act.

That’s the plan.

The Trump plan is to kill Obamacare and replace it with nothing, but some token junk insurance that might be worse than not having coverage at all.

A good rule of thumb is that if a candidate or his administration won’t tell voters what their healthcare plan is, the odds are that it’s because that plan involves people losing their healthcare.

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