Joe Biden Just Showed More Compassion In 50 Seconds Than Trump Has In His Entire Life


During an AARP forum in Iowa on Monday, former vice president Joe Biden showed more compassion in less than a minute than Donald Trump has managed to show throughout his entire life.

When Biden was discussing the personal caregivers, Biden said, “They should be rewarded, compensated for what they do. They’re desperately needed, particularly in poor and rural areas.”

“It’s a tough, tough line of work. By the way, we’ve all been there probably. If you need help, I promise you, there is nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, more important to you than that person who’s there, helping with the bedpan,” Biden continued, visibly choking up and pausing for several moments. “When they get really scared, you know. Hold their hand, you know?”


Biden gathered himself and apologized before moving on.


Biden might be imperfect, but he connects with people on a human level

The American people don’t want a perfect president. Donald Trump’s presence in the White House over the past two years has shown that.

But what most Americans want is a president who recognizes their concerns and understands their struggles. They want a leader with a heart.

As imperfect as former vice president Joe Biden is, he has shown time and again that he can connect with people on a human level because he has been through the same hardships that millions of Americans have experienced in their own lives.

Hillary Clinton struggled to connect with the average voter during the 2016 campaign. If Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee to face off against Donald Trump in 2020, he will not have that problem.

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