Trump Melts Down And Says Democrats Are Going To Kill Him On Healthcare

Trump exploded and complained during a campaign meeting that Democrats are going to kill him on healthcare in the 2020 election.

The Washington Post reported:
One of those issues was health care, which often polls as the top voter concern, and the data showed the public trusted Democrats more than Republicans.

Trump reacted furiously and said the Democrats would “kill us” on health care, according to the four people, who requested anonymity to candidly describe the private meeting. The president then picked up the phone, called Azar and put him on speakerphone in the middle of the meeting, the people said.

“You’re not getting it done,” Trump told Azar, referring to lowering drug prices, according to one of the people in the meeting and another briefed on the discussion. He told Azar he needed to “hurry up” on lowering drug prices and more quickly allow for the importation of drugs from Canada. “Why aren’t we getting these drugs from Canada?”

Trump’s mention of Canada was a reference to his harebrained scheme to steal Canada’s prescription drug supply and import it into the United States to lower prescription drug prices. The Canadian government is concerned that Trump’s would leave them without enough medication for their own people.

Trump is correct about one point. Democrats are going to kill him on healthcare. His administration has tried to take health insurance coverage away from over 20 million people, and they are championing a lawsuit that would gut ACA protections for pre-existing conditions and the individual mandate.

Donald Trump thinks that he can fool voters on healthcare, and schemes to steal prescription drugs aren’t going to be enough to save him on healthcare.

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