Canada May Call An Emergency Session Of Parliament To Stop Trump’s Latest Harebrained Scheme


Trump announced a plan to raid Canada’s drug supply without talking to Canada as advocates have called for an emergency session of Parliament.

The Globe and Mail reported:

The plan amounts to nothing short of a “clear and present danger” to the health and well-being of Canadians who need prescription medications, said John Adams, the volunteer chairman of the Best Medicines Coalition, a non-profit organization representing 28 national patient organizations. “This is really serious,” said Adams, who warned that the existing supply of drugs in Canada is not always sufficient to meet the current needs of Canadians, let alone a sudden surge in demand from south of the border.


The federal government may not be suitably equipped to protect the drug supply, he added, suggesting Parliament ought to be recalled before the October election in order to establish a mechanism to ensure Canadians have ample access to the medications they need. “We may not have all the necessary tools in place,” Adams said. “If not, let’s be honest about that and let’s call Parliament back to a special session before the election to create the legal tools to protect the supply of patented medicines for Canadians and their health needs.”

As has become the norm in the US, the Trump administration has proposed a half-baked plan without talking to allies or thinking it through. Trump wants to do something fast on prescription drug costs because he wants to run on it in 2020.

Instead of coming up with a plan to have the US government negotiate prescription drug prices, because, in the Republican speak that’s socialism, Trump is going to steal Canada’s drug supply, and cause a shortage of prescription medications north of the border.

Big Pharma spends a lot of money donating to Republicans and some Democrats, so Republicans will never support the obvious solution to lowering prescription drug costs. Trump has no plan, so he is going to take the drugs from Canada and claim victory.

If Trump tries to implement this scheme, expect a swift legal Canadian response limiting exports of prescription drugs to the US, as Trump’s con won’t be tolerated.

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