15,000 Americans Died Because Red State Republicans Refused To Expand Medicaid


New research revealed that 15,000 Americans who live in Republican-controlled states died between 2014 and 2017 because GOP lawmakers refused to expand Medicaid.

Economist Sarah Miller tweeted her National Bureau of Economic Research working paper:

The Red State Republican Decision Not To Expand Medicaid Killed Americans


Healthcare is a matter of life and death. Democrats bicker about how to get to universal coverage for every American, but Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all agree that no one should die from a lack of healthcare. Fifty-four percent of Republicans, 68% of Independents, and 82% of Democrats support mandating that insurance companies cover people with preexisting conditions according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll. A majority of Republicans and Independents all support prohibiting insurance companies from charging sick people more than healthy people. The main provisions of the Affordable Care Act are popular across party lines.

When red-state Republicans made the political decision not to accept free federal money to expand Medicaid, tens of thousands in their states died from a lack of health insurance.

Trump and the Republicans have no healthcare policy outside of eliminating the Affordable Care Act.

Healthcare is the top voter priority in the 2020 election because it is a literal matter of life and death.

Vote like your life depends on it because as the research on Medicaid expansion shows, it does.

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