New Poll Shows The Republican Attacks On Nancy Pelosi Are A Total Failure

Republicans thought that they could make the midterm election about Democratic House leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi, but a new CNN poll reveals that the GOP has wasted tens of millions of dollars, as voters don’t consider Pelosi to be a factor in their votes.

Here is the table of voter priorities from the CNN poll:

As you can see from the data above, the midterm election will be decided on some issues that are very bad for the Republican Party. Healthcare is the top concern of voters, followed by the economy, the gun policy, corruption, and immigration. Taxes are also an important issue, and given how unpopular the Republican tax cuts are, it is easy to understand why GOP candidates have given up on them as an issue.

Trump is also listed as a factor in the election, but he is more like a dark and unspoken cloud that is looming over every race. Trump’s policies, especially on health care, have set the table for Democrats all across the country to have a successful blue wave in November.

As Pelosi recently exclusively told PoliticusUSA, “They have nothing to offer it. They’re (Republicans) bankrupt, so they have to come after me.”

The Republican Run Against Pelosi Strategy Is Failing

Voters aren’t concerned about Nancy Pelosi. When Democrats create angst over Pelosi, they are giving Republicans what they want. Republicans want to take away Democratic strengths. Going back as far as the 2000 election when the Bush campaign scared Al Gore away from using Bill Clinton as an asset, taking a Democratic strength and making it a weakness has been a tried and true Republican election strategy.

Attacking Pelosi isn’t going to work with voters because they don’t care. This election isn’t about Pelosi. It is about Republicans gutting health care, cutting taxes for their rich friends, and ignoring the will of the majority if the American people.

Republicans are wasting their money with the attack Pelosi campaign.

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