Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi Blasts Trump And The GOP, “They’re Afraid Of Women.”

In an exclusive interview with PoliticusUSA, House Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi shreds Republicans for resorting to sexist attacks because they are bankrupt of ideas and afraid of her and women.

Listen here:

Sarah Jones: You’re not as polarizing on the issues that Americans care about, as for example, someone like Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), and yet the press doesn’t ask Republicans if they’re going to support Mitch McConnell, but they do ask Democrats if they’re going to support you.

Why are some Democrats repeating Republican attacks against you that often seen propelled by sexism?

Leader Nancy Pelosi: Well, you know, let’s just put it this way. I said to the candidates, say whatever you want to say, just win the election. This isn’t about me. This is about the one in five children in America that lives in poverty. It’s about saving the planet. It’s about protecting the integrity of our elections. It’s about every other subject.

So say what do you ever have to say, but, but understand this, that they have nothing to offer it. They’re (Republicans) bankrupt, so they have to come after me.

They sat across the table from me, they know I can eat their lunch on the negotiations and I always have.

The only thing they got was that tax bill because it wasn’t a negotiation, it was just a closed act of greed on the part of Republicans, so I don’t know, for whatever other purposes. People say things in our party, you know, lots of people are jockeying for position for leader, but that doesn’t matter.

It’s politics where you’re in the arena, you take a punch, you throw a punch.

But in terms of these people winning, I said, you have to say just win. Just win baby and we’re going to have such a nice big victory. We’re going to have a phenomenal success when we win on the policy front. And that’s really matters, but the motivation of it, I think they’re afraid. I think Republicans are afraid of women.

I think they’re afraid of me. I think they’re afraid of women. And I honestly thought President Trump had a tweet a week that was so weird, that I think it showed his fear.

And if you ever saw their fundraising letters, it’s all about me, but she can raise so much money we gotta stop her.

So they know that that I am a force for winning the House and they have to take down that the general. That’s just the way it is. But we have a great leader on the field Ben Ray Lujan, who has to manage all of the mobilization of money, the messaging and the rest is to help the candidates and the most important part of it all is the quality of candidates we have on the field and they have to run their own races in their own districts and come to Washington as independent representatives.

Job Description, job title one in the same, representative.

So say what they have to say about, you know, they want new leadership, all that stuff. But understand that, that once you’re in Washington you cannot let the Republican ads affect the votes that you take on issues.

When the press follow Republicans attack the most competent among our elected officials, those working the hardest for the better good of the people, it harms us all.

Sexism costs everyone.

Legislatively, Pelosi is not as polarizing as Republican Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell or Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan if we use the polls on the major issues regarding gun control, LGBTQ rights, tax cuts for the rich, transparency in Congress, and now even the ACA.

The majority of the public agrees with Nancy Pelosi on the issues.

Leader Pelosi is right, the sexism aimed at her is rooted in fear. Fear of her, fear of powerful women, and fear of women getting a seat at the table in general.

Fear is the root of the power over/under paradigm that is the foundation of all “isms,” including racism.

The relentless attacks against Pelosi are a repeat of the same misogyny aimed at Hillary Clinton, and it’s dangerous for our democracy – not just for women.

For a deeper dive into why this is sexism, read here.

On Saturday, in between her travels meeting with grassroots supporters and candidates, Leader Pelosi spent 35 minutes talking exclusively to PoliticusUSA’s Sarah Jones about the election, misogyny, the Democratic “For the People” platform, and plans to use subpoena power to get to the truth if Democrats take back the House in 2018.