Speaker Pelosi Gets a Hero’s Welcome As Impeachment Intensity Grows

The woman targeted in 137 Republican ads - Speaker Pelosi - got a hero's welcome in her home district on Tuesday morning as the intensity of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump grows.

The White House Hid Transcripts Of Trump’s Calls with Putin and MBS

The White House restricted access to President Trump's calls with Russian President Putin and the Saudi crown prince, MBS.

Republicans Can’t Defend Trump So They Are Desperately Smearing Adam Schiff

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) revealed that he either doesn't know anything about anything that's going on with the whistleblower complaint or he is blatantly lying in a desperate bid to spin the facts.

Senate Finds NRA Provided Russians Access To Republicans For Money

A Senate investigation has found that the NRA provided Russians access to Republicans in exchange for lucrative business opportunities.

Trump Is Distracted and Clueless About The Legal Peril He’s In

CNN's faithful truth seeker Jim Acosta reported minutes ago that a person who spoke with President Trump in the last 24 hours says he sounded more distracted, but not appreciating the legal peril his administration faces.

Maguire Plays Dumb On Trump Illegally Soliciting Foreign Election Interference

Acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire testified Thursday that he was unsure if it was illegal to solicit or accept anything of value from a foreign national in connection with an election. read more

Trump’s Own Intel IG Warned Of Ukraine Call National Security Risks

The intelligence community's inspector general alerted in a new, previously undisclosed warning that President Trump's July 25 call with the then newly elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy potentially exposed him to "serious national security and counter-intelligence risks."

Pelosi Uses White House’s Own Ukraine Call Notes To Nail Trump

"It is not part of his job to use taxpayer money to shake down other countries for the benefit of his campaign," Pelosi said of Trump after his White House released a redacted version of the promised full transcript of his Ukraine call.

Russia Is 100% Confident that Senate Won’t Convict the Man ‘Whom We Elected’

Russia state TV not only directed Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden for loser Donald Trump, who can't win an election without cheating, but also bragged with 100% confidence that Senate Republican will never impeach the man "whom we elected."

Trump’s Bad Day Gets Worse As The Senate Wants To Talk To Ukraine Whistleblower

In a bipartisan move, the Senate now wants to speak to the intelligence staffer whistleblower about the report Donald Trump tried to hide during which he reportedly extorted Ukraine to help him in 2020.

The Russians Are Laughing At Trump For Needing Ukraine’s Help To Win

Russian State TV trolled Trump for needing to cheat to win elections, agreeing that Trump won 2016 thanks to Russia and now needs Ukraine to win 2020.

Editorial: Emboldened Trump Is Now Openly Colluding with a Foreign Country to Cheat in 2020

There is too much at stake for the public to be clinging to impeachment unicorns. It's clear that impeachment will do nothing to Donald Trump. Sure, it should still happen because it's the right legal process, but it won't save this country.

Whistleblower Triggers A Bribery Bomb Heading Straight For Trump

Whistleblower Gate just blew up right into Trump's soft spot: Bribery.

A president cannot bribe or accept bribes. He cannot order others to do so on his behalf.

Yes, that's right. In addition to the constitutional standard that lists bribery as a cause for impeachment, President Trump’s Ukraine whistleblower problem just got a lot worse.

Mitch McConnell Shamed Into Pretending To Care About Election Security

After 46 Senate Republicans voted against $250 million in funding for election security in 2018, Senate Republicans have finally been shamed into making a vague gesture of care for US elections by agreeing to add just $250 million to the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Appropriations bill Thursday morning.

Democrats Expose $184,000 In Military Spending At Trump’s Failing Scotland Club

House Democrats have sent the Pentagon a third letter demanding documents relating to members of the military staying at Trump's private club in Scotland at taxpayer expense.

This is Why Trump Is Desperate to Stop Lewandowski from Testifying

The Mueller report revealed Lewandowski knew what he was doing was wrong regarding helping Trump obstruct justice.‬

The FBI Helped Republicans Hide and Lie about Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assaults

The FBI only interviewed nine of the ten witnesses they were allowed, and they didn’t bother with witnesses who confirmed other accusations against Kavanaugh. The FBI also didn’t use the entire week.

Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Lies Are So Much More Than Just Another Trump Scandal

This might seem like just another Trump scandal, another horrible person he’s put into power, but it’s so much more than that.

Republicans Insult Sexual Assault Victims By Circling The Wagons To Defend Alex Acosta

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday morning that Trump’s labor secretary Alex Acosta is doing a great job in the wake of the new Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking indictment.

Democrats Get A Big 2020 Clue As Trump Flops With Voters On Character

Neither Obama nor Bush ever had ratings lower than 49% during their presidency. Trump is at a personal high with 40%.