Republicans Insult Sexual Assault Victims By Circling The Wagons To Defend Alex Acosta

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters Tuesday morning that Trump’s labor secretary Alex Acosta is doing a great job in the wake of the new Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking indictment.

Democrats Get A Big 2020 Clue As Trump Flops With Voters On Character

Neither Obama nor Bush ever had ratings lower than 49% during their presidency. Trump is at a personal high with 40%.

Corrupt Foreign Donor Who Gives To GOP Gets $62 Million In Trump Trade War Aid

President Trump is funneling $62 million of taxpayer funded farm aid to a foreign, Brazilian owned meatpacking company, which is owned by two billionaire majority GOP donor brothers who just so happen to be under investigation by the Department of Justice after the brothers admitted to bribing politicians to obtain benefits for their businesses.

U.S. State Department misses deadline to explain Iran arms control report: aide

By Arshad Mohammed and Jonathan Landay

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. State Department failed to meet a deadline on Thursday to provide information to three congressional committee chairmen looking into whether an annual arms control report slanted and politicized assessments about Iran, a congressional aide said. read more

Key GOP Lawmakers Won’t Say If They’ve Read the Mueller Report

Three out of four chairmen and ranking Republicans wouldn't even respond when asked how they reviewed the report.

Trump Is Trying to Run on Healthcare By Taking It Away

Trump goes to the healthcare well of promises when he thinks he's losing an election. Trump is now promising a healthcare vote would come right after the 2020 election.

U.S. states, cities sue to block Trump ‘conscience’ rule for healthcare workers

Two dozen U.S. states and municipalities sued the Trump administration on Tuesday to stop it from enforcing a rule that would make it easier for doctors and nurses to avoid performing abortions on religious or moral grounds. read more

BUSTED: Secret Memo Exposes Republican Talking Points On Abortion Bans

The very secret, “'strictly OFF-THE-RECORD' and not to be printed or reproduced by/for media" document was produced by the Republican Study Committee to offer “messaging guidance” on the Republican Party's "pro-life platform."

Justin Amash Is Not Alone As A Few Republicans Agree With Him on Impeachment

Republican Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan said a few other Republicans have privately expressed sympathy to his view that President Trump should be impeached.

GOP-led Senate ignores pleas for underfunded election cybersecurity which is ‘strained to the breaking point’

As the U.S. government prepares to defend the 2020 presidential election from cyber threats, the federal agency charged with helping administer elections, the Election Assistance Commission, says it is “strained to the breaking point,” according to Chairwoman Christy McCormick.

GOP Senator Who Demanded Review Of Obama Golf Trip Ignores Trump’s $102 Million Golf Outings

Trump golfs more than Obama

President Trump is costing the U.S. taxpayer $102 million plus for his golf outings, and because he refused to divest himself of his business interests like all other presidents have done, he is making money off of his outrageous expenditures.

White House Backpedals and Claims Trump’s Refusal to Deal With Democrats Won’t Impact Budget Issues

The Trump White House is claiming that this refusal to deal and negotiate with Democrats does not extend to the must-pass debt ceiling and funding bills.

Robert Mueller Fears the Truth is Political So He Won’t Testify Publicly

Robert Mueller seems to have succumbed to his party's attacks on truth, which is truly unfortunate for this nation and a black mark on the Republican's resume.

Mueller's team has expressed reticence to him testifying publicly because they do not want him to appear "political."

Alabama Gov Ivey is Sure the GOP Abortion Ban Won’t Hurt Tourism or Business

In what might be seen as a dismissively antagonistic stance, Republican Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said she doesn't think the abortion ban that has no exception for rape or incest, which she just signed into law, will hurt tourism or business recruitment.

16-year-old Guatemalan Boy Dies In US Custody Due To Trump Immigration Policy

A 16-year-old Guatemalan boy died in US custody in the Rio Grande Valley Sector on Monday morning, making the fifth death of an immigrant minor at the southern border since December.

Trump Congratulates Himself for Auto Jobs as Ford Cuts An Estimated 2,300 Salaried Employees

As Trump congratulated himself for auto jobs -- in March, hyperventilating over Ford investing money in Flat Rock, Michigan, claiming that companies were "pouring back into the United States" because "they want to be where the action is" -- the number 2 automaker Ford was actually restructuring and planning to cut 10% of its global salaried workforce.

When Calling for Impeachment Don’t Forget About Vulnerable People Under Attack

It would be a lie to tell you that I don't think this president deserves to be impeached, or that I don't agree that the rule of law is imperiled if he is not impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate. Intellectually, impeachment is the only answer to the immoral, unlawful attacks on democracy that are Donald Trump's presidency.

Republicans Are Running Away From Their Own Toxic Platform on Abortion

Republicans are very busy running away from Alabama's tough abortion law, even though they not only enabled this exact situation by stealing a Supreme Court seat from President Obama and then installing two exceptionally far-right extremists to the bench but also, their platform insists on personhood for a fetus.

Trump’s Tariffs Cost Taxpayers More Than 3 Years Of Obamacare

Trump the Taxer: Not only are Trump's tariffs one of the largest tax hikes in decades, but they also amount to more than the tax increases from the first three years of President Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Women were there for you; Will you be there for us?

Stand up for women like you stand up for any other cause: We are real, we are right here, and we are in a crisis heretofore unseen.