Trump hush money trial crowd.

Tiny Crowd Shows Up To Support Trump At Trial

Although a “couple million” Trump supporters live within an hour of his trial on Monday, only an estimated 50 showed up.

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Lawrence O’Donnell shared:

This tepid show of support isn’t new for Trump during his legal battles, it started last year.

Some of this might be attributed to the fact that as of January of 2024, approximately “749 federal defendants have had their cases adjudicated and received sentences for their criminal activity on Jan. 6. Approximately 467 have been sentenced to periods of incarceration,” according to the District of Columbia.

So it could be that Trump’s supporters fear legal ramifications for any potential mob type activity they might get ensnared in, which would be an ironic result of Trump enablers conflating peaceful protests with what Trump and his supporters actually did on January 6th, which was described by Dir. Wray as a terrorist attack.

The other part of this is it could be more of what we witness on the ground in Trump country, which is a large drop in visible support even from his most ardent supporters.

This could be due to Trump fatigue, which isn’t the same thing as people who aren’t going to vote for their candidate again. But no political candidate would hope to go into an election sans enthusiasm from their biggest supporters.

Someone replied that while Trump supporters didn’t show up in huge numbers, Trump critics certainly made an appearance:

Donald Trump is being upheld as a viable political candidate by the party he’s taken over and by a craven media looking for the Trump bucks courtesy of his 2016 campaign and his four chaotic years. Neither the Republican Party nor the media seem to realize that even Trump supporters are tired.

Everyone is tired of Donald Trump. Including himself, it seems, as he has reportedly been caught sleeping at his own trial.

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