Trump Thinks Attacks On NFL Players Will Stop The Blue Wave

Trump admitted that he is attacking African-American NFL players because he thinks that it will help Republicans win the midterm election.

The AP reported:

Trump instead ordered that Tuesday’s event be turned into a “celebration of America” that would highlight his anthem stance. Senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, a huge Eagles fan, was helping organize the event. The president told one confidant Monday that he aimed to periodically revive the anthem issue in the months ahead, believing its return to the headlines would help Republicans as the midterm elections approached.


The president believes there is a significant overlap between football fans and his base and has told confidants that he believes his voters would enthusiastically take his side over football players whom Trump thinks have looked unpatriotic and greedy.

Trump believes that attacking African-American NFL players will help Republicans keep Congress because Republican voters will side with him. Since he isn’t on the ballot, the president’s plan makes no sense. Why are voters in some swing district going to vote for the Republican candidate because Donald Trump is attacking the NFL over the national anthem? How does any of this help Republicans keep the House and Senate?

The whole idea is insane and won’t work.

Trump is also oblivious to the fact that his behavior is motivating people to get involved in politics and go vote. Trump thinks that there is a political advantage to be gained by Republicans in making African-Americans look unpatriotic.

The president strategy of racial division has never been laid out more explicitly.

Just like Putin wanted, Trump is using race to divide and weaken America, but it won’t stop the blue wave in November.

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