Trump Goes On Insane Twitter Spree As New Orleans Floods Ahead Of Tropical Storm Barry

With New Orleans already underwater ahead of Tropical Storm Barry, Donald Trump did what any responsible leader would do: He went on a wild retweet rampage on Twitter.

The completely stable president reposted videos and tweets from a handful of his favorite people and right-wing propaganda outlets, from Donald Trump Jr. to Mitch McConnell to Judicial Watch.

The Twitter reposts promoted some of his biggest lies on subjects ranging from Hillary Clinton’s emails to Russian interference in Americans elections to special counsel Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.

Not only did Trump again demonstrate how obsessed he (still) is with the Clinton email non-scandal, but in the midst of his Twitter rampage,  he also took the time to promote his own golf course with this retweet:

As Trump lashes out like a child, New Orleans is drowning

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump didn’t get around to mentioning approaching Tropical Storm Barry until after he finished his important morning business of spreading propaganda and promoting his own businesses.

In the only completely factual retweet of the morning, Trump shared a post from the National Weather Service warning about the “life-threatening storm surge” in coastal areas of Mississippi and Louisiana.

The approaching storm comes after Trump made a speech on the environment this week – without giving a single mention to the subject of “climate change.”

Yet, as The New York Times reported several days ago, “New Orleans has always been a place where heavy rains fell, but the inundations in recent days and what is expected from the latest storm are consistent with climate change’s effects: warmer air holds more moisture, which then comes down in the form of extremely heavy rainfall.”

As Donald Trump again lashes out on Twitter, the very real threat of climate change – an issue he won’t even talk about – is rearing its ugly head on the Gulf Coast.

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