Opinion: Georgia’s Severe Voter Restrictions Are Prelude To Trump Inspired Fascism

It is a travesty that Republicans don’t show the same dedication to democracy in America as they did when America invaded Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein and allow every Iraqi to vote for the candidate of their choice. But as most Americans know, Republicans are renowned for their blatant opposition to democracy in America.

After the GOP’s man-turned-god lost a bid for a second term in what has been called the “most secure election in American history,” Republican controlled states have been on a tear to create the same conditions in America that allowed tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein to remain in power.

On November 12 four top officials in Trump’s Department of Homeland Security stated the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in American history.Less than three weeks later over at the Department of Justice Trump’s lap dog and former Attorney General William Barr stated categorically that there “was no evidence of fraud that would affect the election’s outcome.

Despite no evidence of election fraud in the election, as of February 19 there were 253 new voter restriction laws introduced in 43 Republican states; there have been many more introduced since then. Republicans cited concern for election integrity and security because despite no fraud, Republicans will never admit they are fascists opposed to democracy. Or, as President Biden said during his press conference on Thursday: Republican efforts to stop democracy aresick” and “un-American.

President Biden grossly understated the situation in a liberal democracy, but he couldn’t really call Republicans fascists. However, “sick and un-American” is as good a description as anything to explain the new voter suppression legislation signed into law in Georgia under the guise of election integrity.

Obviously, the new restrictions on voting have nothing to do with integrity and everything to do with suppressing the vote – of people of color.

In what is likely the most pernicious changes, the Republican-controlled legislature gets unchallenged control over election administration to ensure that Republican candidates get to win.

Because the current Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, failed to toe the line for Trump and violate the law, the new law replaces the Secretary of State as chair of the election board with an appointee chosen by the Republican legislature. One can imagine that either Trump will appoint one of his fascist, lying underlings to guarantee that a Republican of his choosing wins, or a Republican candidate will get the gig.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the new law authorizes the new appointee to remove and replace county election officials “deemed to be underperforming” in conducting free and fair elections.  That change alone gives the GOP-controlled legislature more control over election outcomes and raises the obvious alarms about greater partisan influence.

There are also new restrictions on voting by mail, including requiring a photo ID to cast a ballot through the mail. Seriously, they may as well just eliminate voting by mail altogether or be honest in their intent and restrict voting by mail to white evangelical Republicans who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Some of the other voter suppression tactics include Republicans cutting the time period voters have to request absentee ballots. And to make it even more difficult for people with transportation issues, drastically limit the use of ballot drop boxes. Republicans also allow challenges to voting eligibility, and to show they are serious criminalize any attempt to approach voters in line, even if only to give them food or water.

In a press conference when he signed the new anti-democracy legislation, the governor claimed without choking on his insincerity:

Few are more important than the law I signed moments ago, which ensures Georgia’s elections are secure, accessible and fair.

Many of Kemp’s fellow fascist Republicans argued that Georgia desperately needed a new rash of voting restrictions (on people of color) in order to boost election integrity – even though there was absolutely no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

The effect of the new Georgia voter suppression and restriction legislation was summed up best by State Senator Jen Jordan (D) on the floor of the Georgia senate. She said:

It is like the Christmas tree of goodies in terms of voter suppression. We want to provide opportunities for people to vote. This bill is absolutely about opportunities — but it ain’t about the opportunity to vote. It’s about the opportunity to keep control and keep power at any cost.”

It is about voter suppression and it is, as President Biden said,sick and un-American.” But it is also a direct result of Trump and his fascist attempt at not keeping, but seizing power at any cost including inciting an insurrection.

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