Trump’s Impeachment Hell Continues As The House Schedules 8 More Public Hearings

Donald Trump’s impeachment hell will kick into high gear starting on Wednesday as public hearings begin in the House. But even before the damning testimony starts tomorrow, the House Intelligence Committee has announced eight more witnesses who plan to testify next week.

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As MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reported on Tuesday night, among the eight witnesses who will testify next week are Kurt Volker, Alexander Vindman, Gordon Sondland and Fiona Hill – all witnesses that will tear Trump’s impeachment defense to shreds.


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews reported:

Democrats on the House Intel Committee announced eight additional witnesses to testify next week. On Tuesday, the committee will hear from four people, including ambassador Kurt Volker and Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman. On Wednesday, three more people testify, including Ambassador Gordon Sondland. The week goes out on Thursday with Dr. Fiona Hill, the former national security council official who quoted her boss John Bolton calling the efforts in Ukraine a ‘drug deal’.

The news comes as top Ukraine diplomat Bill Taylor will kick off the public hearings tomorrow, along with State Department official George Kent.

Later in the week, on Friday, Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovich will also testify.

R.I.P Republican attacks on a closed-door process

For weeks, Republicans have been attacking the preliminary closed-door process, even though private depositions are commonplace. Starting on Wednesday, that strategy will be dead.

With the process now playing out on live TV as millions of Americans tune in, Republicans will no longer be able to lean on process criticisms to get them through impeachment news cycles.

Instead, they’ll have to contend with the facts, and that will be an even heavier lift for Republicans as witness after witness confirms that Trump did, in fact, orchestrate a bribery scheme with Ukraine to get dirt on a political opponent.

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