Trump’s Plan To Remove Millions Of Immigrants Next Week Was A Lie

Trump announced that ICE would be removing millions of immigrants and deporting them next week, but ICE doesn’t have the resources or capacity to carry out such an operation.

Trump’s claim that millions will be deported next week was a lie

Trump tweeted:

ICE Doesn’t Have The Resources Or Capacity To Remove Millions of Immigrants

NBC News’s Julia Ainsley reported, “It is important to realize that when you arrest immigrants in the interior of the country which is what I.C.E. Does when they do these removal deportations, they have to hold those immigrants somewhere before they deport them. That is an I.C.E. Detention space. This is as they work with their home countries to get documents in place and they have to stay in detention space. Right now that detention space that is run by I.C.E. And sometimes contracted out to other places is at or near people I’ve spoken to in the last week at I.C.E. Say they have actually had to cut down on enforcement plans just like the one the president is talking about because they’re out of if you look at the numbers, the number of deportations from immigrants living in the interior of the country, not recently crossing the border, has gone down because they don’t have the space.”


The ICE Deportations Are A Desperate Campaign Promise

Trump has learned nothing from 2018 and is running on immigration cruelty in 2020. Deport them all has replaced Trump’s bogus promise to build the wall. The quick deportation of millions of immigrants isn’t going to happen. Trump’s tweet was a lie born of out the desperation of a failed president who is creating imaginary achievements for himself to boost his reelection campaign.

The mentality behind the bogus tweets is unAmerican, but the actual policy itself, won’t be happening on the scale that Trump promised.

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