Democrats Show Trump They Can Legislate And Investigate By Passing The Dream Act

On the same day that Trump claimed that Democrats couldn’t legislate and investigation, the House Judiciary Committee passed permanent protections for Dreamers.

Chairman Nadler tweeted:

Rep. Nadler also said, “This legislation creates a program to allow Dreamers who came to the United States before the age of 18, and who meet other, very specific, eligibility requirements, to earn permanent residence. It is undeniable that Dreamers enrich our nation. They are an essential part of our communities, where they contribute to our thriving economy and make America a stronger, more united, and more diverse nation. Dreamers come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life, but they are connected by one common thread—their commitment to this country. If we do nothing to protect Dreamers, hundreds of thousands of these young people will remain at risk of imminent removal from their homes and separation from their families. They will be sent to countries where they likely have minimal ties—and, in many cases, no ties at all.”

House Democrats, Unlike Trump, Can Do Two Things At Once

On the same day that Trump broke out what is the lamest argument against investigating him, Democrats immediately proved the president wrong. Just because Donald Trump and his “really big brain” can’t do two things at once doesn’t mean that the House of Representatives is like him. The House has been passing legislation on gun violence, healthcare, and lower drug prices among other issues.

The accomplishments of House Democrats get buried in the Trump drama, but it is a certainty that if Democrats keep the House and win back the Senate and White House, the Dream Act will become law.

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