Two Florida Republicans Plead Guilty To Committing Voter Fraud For Trump

Two Republicans have copped a plea to submitting multiple ballots for Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Two residents from The Villages confessed to voter fraud charges after filing two ballots in the 2020 Presidential election, court records show.

Charles F. Barnes and Jay Ketcik pleaded guilty to casting more than one ballot in an election, a third-degree felony that could have resulted in a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Of course, the two white male Trump supporters won’t see a day in prison. Instead, they got probation, community service, and a 12-week adult civics course.

So much for election integrity mattering in the state of Florida.

Election integrity only matters when Democrats win elections.

There was cheating in the 2020 election, and it was being done by Donald Trump and his supporters. The Villages might not be the biggest election-related crime in Florida, as the state Republican Party is accused of changing registrations without the consent of voters.

Mark Meadows is under investigation in North Carolina for election fraud, and to date, all of the voter and election fraud that has been found was committed by Republicans for Donald Trump.