Biden’s Lead Strengthens in Key Battleground States Trump Won in 2016

Trump loses 4 points to Biden in new poll

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lead has strengthened in six key battleground states, according to a series of New York Times/Siena College polls released today.

Biden leads President Donald Trump by an average of 9 percentage points in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. All of these are states that Trump won in 2016. read more

Poll: Biden Has Wide Lead Over Trump Among Black Registered Voters

Joe Biden talks about 100,000 virus deaths as Trump fights with Twitter

According to the latest Washington Post-Ipsos poll, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a wide lead over President Donald Trump among black registered voters: 92 percent to 5 percent.

“Despite the overwhelming support he enjoys, Biden faces clear challenges in mobilizing younger black adults,” the Post reports. “This is a group that strongly disapproves of Trump but is also notably less enthusiastic about voting at all and is generally more critical of Biden than are older black adults. While 87 percent of black seniors say Biden is sympathetic to the problems of black people in America, that drops to 66 percent among those under age 40.” read more

Obama Raises $11 Million for Biden: I Trust Him “To Heal This Country”

Barack Obama and Joe Biden raised a record-breaking $11 million with a virtual fundraiser on Tuesday. It’s the largest single amount raised by a campaign event so far.

The event brought in $7.6 million from around 175,000 grassroots donors and a further $3.4 million from part of the event aimed at private donors. This makes it the former Vice President’s most successful fundraiser yet. read more

Biden’s National Lead Increases to 13 Percent as Trump’s Approval Rating Falters

Biden offers message of healing at George Floyd funeral

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s national lead over President Donald Trump has increased to 13 percent.

48 percent of respondents said that they would vote for Biden, according to the poll. Those who would vote for Trump comprised 35 percent of the poll’s respondents. The poll also indicates that Republicans’ net approval of Trump is down 13 points from March to June. read more