Poll: United States More Popular with International Allies Under Biden Administration

According to the latest Morning Consult poll, the United States is more popular with its international allies under President Joe Biden and his administration, showcasing the clearest sign of an about-face in international relations after former President Donald Trump faced heavy criticism for isolationist and protectionist views that regularly undermined other nations. read more

Biden Has Republicans Cracking And Running Scared On Infrastructure

Republicans thought that they could vote no and make Biden‘s policies unpopular, but that tactic backfired and the GOP is cracking.

The New York Times reported, “With the president professing interest in G.O.P. input on his infrastructure plan, Republicans are concerned that Mr. Biden will once again cut them out of the process, fretting his Oval Office audiences with them could be short-lived attempts at bipartisanship. Still, many are wary of being painted as unwilling negotiators on yet another major economic package.” read more