Mike Johnson talks about visiting Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Mike Johnson Refuses To Say If He Will Ask Trump To Put A Leash On Majorie Taylor Greene

Last updated on April 13th, 2024 at 03:58 pm

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Speaker Mike Johnson refused to answer when asked if he was going to talk to Trump about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s motion to vacate.


Johnson answered when asked by reporters if he would talk to Trump about Greene’s motion to vacate that he doesn’t talk about his conversations with Trump.

The timing of Johnson’s visit to Mar-a-Lago is not a coincidence. Of course, Johnson is doing the sham “election integrity” event with Trump to hopefully get some nice public words from the ex-president about what a great job his doing and maybe he can even get Trump to force Marjorie Taylor Greene to drop her motion to vacate.

Nothing that is happening on Friday is an accident or a coincidence. Trump is exactly where he most loves being. He is at the center of Republican chaos as Johnson and Greene fight for his love and approval.

Election denier true believer Mike Johnson hopes that by appearing with Trump, he will win the failed former president’s favor and save his job.

The most interesting subplot isn’t what Johnson and Trump will say at their sham public appearance, but what Trump may do to keep Johnson around and how Greene reacts if her motion to vacate threat is neutralized.

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