Kristen Welker talks about Trump attacking judges on Meet The Press.

Kristen Welker Helps Trump Normalize Attacking Judges

NBC’s Kristen Welker normalized Trump attacking judges and their families on Meet The Press.

Welker said in her opening:

Meanwhile this week, the former president stepped up his attacks on the judge and his family in the New York hush money case, after that judge imposed a partial gag order on Mr. Trump less than three weeks from the April 15th start date in that trial. And now, Trump is asserting that none of the trials should quote “take place during my campaign,” falsely calling the criminal proceedings “election interference.” It is yet another reminder that we are covering this election against the backdrop of a deeply divided nation.


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Kristen Welker’s framing is what it looks like when the corporate media attempts to normalize Donald Trump’s effort to overthrow democracy and destroy the rule of law and the judicial system in the United States.

Attacks on judges and their families are not an indication of a divided country. They are a symptom of an autocrat who is attempting to return to power and destroy any guardrails that could hold him accountable.

The corporate media continues to side with the candidate who wants to overthrow the system of government in the United States.

It would greatly assist in the protection of democracy if people like Kristen Welker and Meet The Press would not normalize Trump’s behavior as part of a presidential campaign.

The corporate media is failing America by appeasing a would be dictator.

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