Trump And McConnell Plotting To Have Senate Trial Without Allowing A Single Witness

Donald Trump and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are so concerned about an impeachment trial in the Senate that they’re plotting to rush it through without allowing a single witness.

According to The Hill, McConnell met with a White House lawyer on Thursday afternoon to discuss strategy as he and other GOP lawmakers consider holding a speedy Senate trial without any witnesses.

And, as CNN’s Jim Acosta reported, Trump isn’t ruling out the strategy as his lawyers are warning him that a “lengthy trial is risky, with potential for unforeseen bombshells.”

In other words, Trump and McConnell recognize that more facts and witness testimony will only add to the damning pile of evidence gathered by House impeachment investigators.

Innocent people aren’t afraid of legitimate trials

Once again, the best evidence that this president is guilty of the alleged high crimes and misdemeanors laid out in the two House impeachment articles is to just examine his behavior.

If Trump was innocent, he would have no problem allowing Mitch McConnell to hold a legitimate Senate trial including any and all witnesses willing to testify.

If he was innocent, he wouldn’t have refused to hand over a single relevant document – from the White House, the State Department and the Defense Department – to House investigators.

If he was innocent, he wouldn’t have directed potential witnesses not to cooperate with the impeachment process or intimidated those who did have the courage to testify.

The American people don’t have to listen to Democratic members of Congress to know Donald Trump is guilty. They just have to watch and listen to the president.

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