Trump Throws A Delusional Tantrum And Blames The Media For Coronavirus Shutdown


Trump is throwing a tantrum because of the immediate pushback that he has gotten for his idea to “reopen the economy” by Easter.

Trump tweeted:


Trump’s tweet confirms reports that his son-in-law Jared Kushner is telling him that the coronavirus is not as bad as it is being reported by the media.

It is not the media that is pushing back against Trump. It’s doctors, scientists, and governors who are resisting Trump’s call to bring the economy back to business as usual. The country is in the early stages of a coronavirus pandemic and by no metric is it ready to return to normal activity.

Donald Trump doesn’t have the power to force the states to lift the coronavirus restrictions. The governors are putting the nation ahead of Trump’s reelection campaign, and there is nothing that Trump can do to prevent them from placing public health first.

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