Democrats Need to Be Bold In Their Policies and Stand with the Guy In The White House

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The following is an editorial reflecting the opinion of the PoliticusUSA editorial board comprised of Jason Easley and Sarah Jones.

Sifting through the detriment of a failed election, many are claiming victories for their “side” or opinion or desires. The numbers are still coming in, and so no analysis can be completely accurate yet but so far it’s looking like white men were the largest electorate and white married women showed up, while everyone else stayed home (some were denied their right to vote). In other words, if this holds, it was a conservative’s election. This would explain why the polling was so off, as the pollsters under-sampled white men.

One thing is obvious: Democrats are still allowing the media to parrot GOP narratives, and Democrats are still running away from their own ideas and into the arms of the tepid enemy of equivalency. Democrats are still afraid to be bold.

If Democrats had embraced Obamacare from the beginning, as we have been going on about for years now, all Democrats would have had to say was what some of them did say, “I’m proud to be a member of the party that pushed to offer affordable healthcare to everyone in America. Like any good policy, Social Security for example, there are tweaks that we can make to the ACA. The thing is, I still believe that it’s more important that my neighbors and friends have access to healthcare than it is to give corporations another tax break. I’m not going to back down from that position and I challenge my Republican opponent to tell the people what his/her alternative is in detail. The thing is, Republicans keep telling y’all what’s wrong with Obamacare, but they never offer any ideas on what they want to do for you instead. They’re trying to con you into voting against things that are good for you and your family.”


Now to the other “albatross”, President Obama.

The day after the elections, even more good economic news poured in. Jobs were hit another high for the year in the private sector. Now, why don’t you know about that? Why doesn’t the media tell you that? Because the narrative is Obama is toxic. The narrative is also profoundly stupid.

We were telling readers that the polls didn’t look good for Democrats and that it was not the same as 2012, when the polls were biased for Republicans, because Jason compared the demographics of the polls to the states and couldn’t find any over or under sampling problems as he did in the 2012 elections.

So reality is important. But when reality has been skewed by relentless media narratives, it might not be worth much. In 2012, the media told us Obama voters would stay home. They were wrong.

In 2014 they told us everyone hates Obama.

Wait, correction. After six years of the media repeating Republican lies about this President, the public who showed up to vote in this midterm believes the lies.

From the bogus IRS targeting conservatives to the Benghazi emails that proved nefarious intent by Obama but actually weren’t actually read by the reporter and turned out to be completely inaccurate to the planted Benghazi story told by CBS’s Lara Logan – it’s been a storm of embarrassing attempts to pass Republican lies off as truth by the very media whose job it is to get to the truth.

They claim that in telling all of these lies, they are just doing their job. So the real enemy is not just government anymore, but the corporate puppets who parrot the lies the party that deregulates them wants told.

This is what Democrats are up against. It’s not easy.

But the answer is not to run from the bully pulpit or hide from the very policies that were successful. Would Democrats have still lost had they been bold and told the people what they actually believe in? Possibly. But the very people who voted for the minimum wage raise in a red state also voted for the Republican who wants to abolish it. It’s possible that campaigning with the President would have given the policies a bigger audience.

This is why we disagreed with David Axelrod when he said the President should not have said his policies were on the ballot.

Obama’s policies are popular, and by the way, the only person who has been able to turn out the vote for Democrats since Clinton is the guy you all don’t want campaigning for you? Well. If it turns out that the base stayed home, as some numbers are suggesting that the great early turnout for Democrats was misleading because it simply replaced latter turnout, then no. This plan was a big fail.

No one likes a coward. Most voters like populism. Democrats had that on their side. It is what Republicans fear the most. And so Democrats naturally followed Republicans and ran from their own power.

But liberals are making a mistake thinking that Democrats need to run more liberal candidates in red states. A populist Democrat like Governor Beshear is not the same as a super liberal like Elizabeth Warren. Sorry, but Elizabeth Warren could not take the south.

Instead of running from the very policies the people love because the media has convinced them to shut up about it (hat tip to Nancy Pelosi who has never bought this baloney and never stopped talking about the minimum wage and equal pay and affordable healthcare), Democrats need to be bold and proud, as Wendy Davis was in Texas. Sure, she didn’t win but no one expected her to win. She did, however, set fire to turning Texas purple. She did sell Democratic policies for the people and she did it with class and dignity. Mary Landrieu did it with class and dignity.

Stand for something. Stand with the president who got re-elected in a landslide when Republicans and the media told you that the Obama voters hated him. Yes, 2014 was an uphill battle, but it was also a chance for Democrats to learn. And they did learn about turnout – they focused so much energy on turnout. If the numbers show that Democrats didn’t show up anyway, that means that the candidate matters. It means that people need to be INSPIRED in order to get out the vote.

No one has ever been inspired by tepid.

Do you want to date tepid? Does tepid turn your head? No. Tepid does not get out the vote.

Pragmatic and proud Democratic populism tailored for its region (see Beshear in the South) is what works. Democrats gave it their all this midterm with great efforts at turnout, but the campaigns before that turnout failed to make the case to the voters or failed to motivate the Democratic base.

Running away from their base to the extent that they did when they shunned President Obama is looking like a costly error. We warned before the election that the base needed to see Obama, they would turn out for him, but they get depressed when all they hear is bad things about Obama. Obama won two national elections. Maybe regional politics don’t trump that.

Democrats need to stop being so afraid of what is a toxic environment for them, and take a lesson from Republicans. Since Reagan, Republicans have been accusing the media of liberal bias. This is laughable today. But it still serves to game the ref. A wee bit of contempt for liars is never a bad thing, Democrats.

Be bold. Don’t be run by fear and committee. Fear is why Hollywood can so rarely turn out a good film these days and committee fear is why Detroit turned out crap cars for years.

Be bold. Stick with the bold leaders who have sold the voters on Democratic ideas and policies in the past. Don’t be tepid. Don’t be ashamed of success. Don’t let anyone shame you into denying your values.

17 Replies to “Democrats Need to Be Bold In Their Policies and Stand with the Guy In The White House”

  1. I believe not taking up the accomplishments of the president hurt them. What I also noticed is that while blacks constitute about 60% of the base, I am not sure of the exact percentage, the white candidates risked alienating the black vote by not having President Obama’s back. Unlike most white Republicans, black voters are not stupid, and many of them may have showed their displeasure by staying home.
    This is going to have to stop, if white Democrats want black voters to vote. I do not even think they realized what they did. The African American community strongly backs the President, but the Democrats thought they could throw Obama under the bus, and still get the black vote.
    Obviously, that may have been a bad strategy. It makes me wonder how many African Americans were on their staff? Probably zero!

  2. YES! For months I have been talking about the issues, not the parties, not those running. My letters to the editor are all about the issues. And guess what those that ran on the issues, WON. Popular Initiatives, guns, pot, minimum wage, and no legal person hood status, WON.

    Here is an idea..
    A new approach for the next 2 years. What would happen if we did a Community Issue Mapping project that we would ask everyone if they are 1. Registered to Vote. 2. What is the biggest issue in their community. 3. Would they vote for an initiative in their state that would tax the millionaires and close the tax loopholes? 4. Would they vote for a candidate that would initiate, vote, and pass such a law? Would they sign the petition? Would they give us their email address so we can let them know when an initiative needs signatures, those willing to walk their blocks to get signatures? Would they vote for the candidate that supported these issues? Time to get local!

  3. Its the economy stupid. The progressive base was rejected by the DCCC which really only supported the Blue Dog neo-liberal narrative. The progressive base, the average working class walked away or didn’t show up. Obamacare was a neo-liberal disaster, it made the average guy uncertain and distrustful of the process and what he/she was paying for coverage. The Obama/corporate pharma deal was rejected. It will remain an albatross around the collective Democrat party’s neck. The only hope is to return to Democratic values and when the Republicans propose to dismantle, democrats need to move to a single payer system.

  4. Bullshit. You EMOS have been harping this false narrative about the ACA since the beginning. I would give you a chance genius, how the hell was single payer going to pass with Lieberman opposing it and most importantly Max Baucus chairman of the Finance committee totally against it?

    Take that Jane Hamster bullshit somewhere else. And while you at tell Grover to go to hell along with the rest of you whiny ass hipsters. You people are worst than the baggers.

  5. I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple of days and what I’ve come up with is even worse than what I thought before. Democrats are real fond of saying, “oh, yes, it happens in every midterm (and actually it does, if you look at political history) BUT, just wait til 2016, when Hillary runs!. And just look at 2020 when all those ol’ white people who vote Republican are dead!”

    Well, the problem is that we are putting all our eggs in one almost-70 year old basket, in terms of 2016. I really think that Hillary’s support is wide…but essentially shallow. Who else do we have if Hillary dies and/or wises up to the absurdity of running for President? We have no one. And don’t suggest Joe Biden. (Who I like a lot). He’s even older. I have always had the feeling that Hillary either won’t run or will be defeated if she does.

  6. Democrats don’t know how to fight the enemy they are more like a dis functional family fighting themselves; it may be too late as the republican party made money the most relevant thing in elections through the Citizen United decision; their owners also own the supposed watch dogs of democracy the press ; the owners of the press NBC ABC CNN are now all emulating FOX with fake moderates and fake liberals; like wolves dressed up as sheep controlling all the messages going out to the lazy gullible population getting them to vote for corporate control of our government; against their own best interest.

  7. Like I comment prev., we need Dem. leaders who ready & prepare to protect all the achievements ‘we’ dems accomplishments. B/c the GOP have already start pushing their agenda:

    & the MSM is in bed w/ them (GOP), here a sample:

    & here’s a sample of the ppl they feed:

  8. I will predict one more move by the very rich and it will become very difficult for sights such as this to exist; through the buying of control of the internet making it too expensive for any anti conservative or even neutral sight to operate. wala total control of the message that democracy is only for the ultra conservatives all others are the enemy of the usa.

  9. Indeed Sarah and the MEDIA is still running from the gop narrative instead of confronting it as evidenced by the pathetic Boehner press conference. Which reporter challenged Boehner on the lies that the AHC act is bad for the economy and for jobs? I mean, they have the congressional budget office numbers don’t they?
    The media has selective amnesia and drank the gop coolaide before the first “unpopular” was ever even rolled out.

  10. On the polls, they were actually way off the mark but not in Dems favor. The races weren’t nearly as close or “in the bag” as we were led to believe. But Jason was definitely running with a more reliable premise. I had hoped for a return of the quiet determination that was evident in 2012 which would have proved all assumptions wrong. In other words, our expectation has to be raised from “get out the vote” to “SHOCK the Vote”. Beat expectations. Grow the vote like a Corporation grows profit from Year to Year. A never-ending process.
    Regarding the “represent SOMETHING”,in my opinion the era of ideology is past it’s expiration date. Particularly when we’re embracing diverse cultural and ethnic peoples. Hard and fast “rules” of thought are great for messaging, but when EVERY issue is made into a “wedge” it becomes exclusionary (see Tea Party. PresO, despite criticism to the opposite, is NOT an ideologue and that is a good thing. Dem candidates failed to capitalize on that…

  11. What a surprise and as usual there was no real pushback from the so called establishment

    Intensive anti-voter-fraud effort finds no instance of actual voter fraud

    I am sick of tired of the main people who this voting fraud a farce the loudest don’t have a voice in the room.

    It is time for new voices. The old guard will only look out for their self interest. If their interest are not our interest then its time to do a Stalin on these puppets who want our votes but wont stand with us.

  12. I’d vote for Joe Biden. I’ll also vote for anyone running as a Democrat at this point. I don’t know why people diss Joe Biden.

  13. That is what she wrote. The polls fit the demographics of the states, unlike 2012, but white men turned out more than anyone else, so it ends up the polls under sampled white males.

    Democrats need to stop stabbing Obama in the back.

  14. I agree, turning their back, shunning the president was a disgrace to the party and an insult to the president. I’m sure such disgraceful actions resulted in many democratic and independent voters staying home. Heck, if you, the democratic candidate, don’t like the president, why should I bother to vote for you? It appears to have been scripted by the republicans and worked well. When will the Democrats learn? And the many negative ads were counterproductive, when the issues should have been the focus; people wanted to know what is the partys platform and course of action, not what someone else failed to do.

  15. The democrats don’t know how to stick together and when they had a president like we have it is new to them and he showed them a new way to do business,raise money, run a campaign and it is frighten to them. His style is different totally, he get things done that last a longer time instead of a short goal and they ready to cave in heart beat. When it is something he really truly believes in for the american people he will fight the hardest to get the best deal possible and make the other side think they are winning. Look how long it took the republicans think they would never give up none of their tax revenues but they did. He knew the american people had to hear it come from their mouth who they cared the most for before they would believe it and turned against the republicans. Now the both houses are in the republicans hands and he knows them like a book he knows what moves they will make, what they will say, since they already have started, so the people will hear

  16. Run away from the presidents policies? What’s wrong with giving healthcare to the uninsured? Raising the minimum wage? Making the banks and corporations pay their fair share of income taxes, Extending unemployment benefits, keeping Social Security and Medicare healthy, etc Something is very wrong here.The dummy vote is ruining our country. How soon they forget ,BUSH AMNESIA.

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