Rock Star Michelle Obama Announces Her Stadium Tour

Former President Barack Obama received huge amounts of publicity last week when he went public with his criticisms of President Donald Trump. It marked the first time he has gotten involved in political issues since he left the Oval Office in January of 2017. read more

Obama Starting to Hit the Campaign Trail for Democrats

Former President Barack Obama has kept kept out of the spotlight since leaving office, but he will soon start campaigning to help Democrats in November’s midterm elections. He is eager to help his party take back control of the House of Representatives, help vulnerable Senate incumbents win, and help state parties win legislative races in their own states. read more

Barack Obama Pays A Heartfelt And Moving Tribute To The Late John McCain

Former President Barack Obama summed up what made the late John McCain an all-time American hero in a moving tribute after the Senator from Arizona passed away on Saturday.

The White House Is Hiding Photos Of Trump Signing Bill To Reverse Key Obama-Era Gun Regulation

It's no surprise that Trump doesn't want to release a photograph of him making it more likely, not less, for more tragedies like Parkland to happen in the future.

Trump Is Such A Disaster That A Majority Now View George W. Bush Favorably

By many measures, George W. Bush could've gone down as one of America's worst presidents. But Trump's presidency has seemingly saved him from this fate.

In 20 Seconds, Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump Has Dragged The U.S. Presidency Into The Gutter

Rachel Maddow baffled

"This is our life now. This is our nightly news now about the American presidency."

Trump Hits Golf Course For Fifth Straight Day After Promising To Get ‘Back To Work’

Trump has spent one-third of his short presidency at one of his ritzy country clubs and more than a quarter of his time on a golf course.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Attacks Obama For Pointing Out He’s Responsible For The Economic Recovery

Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacked Obama for daring to take credit for the depression that he avoided and claimed that Trump deserves all the credit for an economy that is slowing down.

Trump Claimed Keystone Pipeline Had ‘No Downside’ And Now It’s Leaking 210,000 Gallons Of Oil

Trump issued a permit in March for Keystone XL's construction – something that former President Barack Obama and other environmental activists had warned could do more harm than good.

Fox News Poll Finds That Barack Obama Is More Popular Than Trump In Alabama

The Fox News survey is a clear indication that the Republican Party's problems aren't limited to Roy Moore's collapsing candidacy – it's far greater than that. 

Off-The-Rails Trump Demands Credit As Obama’s Economy Continues To Boom

Trump seems to believe – or at least want you to believe – that this rosy economic picture came out of nowhere, thanks to him.

U.S. And Syria Only Remaining Countries Opposed To Paris Climate Deal As Nicaragua Signs On

Instead of America being aligned with nearly 200 nations across the globe, the United States now stands only with Syria.

Amazing Obama Needs Just Two Sentences To Completely Blow Trump Away

Former President Obama didn't need to give some long-winded explanation of why Trump is failing as president. He did it in just two sentences

Obama Drops A Devastating Truth Bomb About Why Trump’s Presidency Is Such A Failure

"If you have to win a campaign by dividing people, you're not gonna be able to govern them. You won't be able to unite them later if that's how you start."

Obama Returns To Campaign Trail And America Instantly Begs Him For Four More Years

While Barack Obama's name won't be on a ballot ever again, his reemergence into the political arena on Thursday reminded America how much better we can do than Donald Trump.

Chris Murphy Slams Trump’s 12 Days Of Silence After Four U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Africa

Chris Murphy

If Trump can't properly honor U.S. soldiers when they make the ultimate sacrifice for this country, it's likely he will be just as casual and reckless when deciding to send them into harm's way.

White House Defends Trump’s Disgusting Lie That Obama Didn’t Call Families Of Fallen Soldiers

Just when we thought the bar couldn't sink any lower for this president, Donald Trump rises to the occasion and proves us all wrong.

‘Wrong!’: MSNBC Hosts In Disbelief After Trump Proves He Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

Either the businessman president doesn't understand basic economics or he is intentionally misleading the American public.

Federal Judge Smacks Down Trump Effort To Dismantle Obama-Era Environmental Protection

On Wednesday, one federal judge reminded Donald Trump that hating Barack Obama is not a good enough reason to ignore key environmental protections.

Graham-Cassidy Proves Republicans Only Want To Destroy Obama’s Legacy, Not Improve Health Care

Repeat after me: This is not about improving health care in America or making your life better. It's an effort to tarnish the legacy of America's first African American president.