Trump Throws Tantrum And Begs The Media To Give Him Credit For Obama’s Economy

As Donald Trump continues to crumble under the pressure of being President of the United States and being unable to handle the criticism that comes with the job, he took to Twitter on Monday to tout the strong economy he inherited from Barack Obama and beg the media to give him credit for it.


The strong stock market and steadily low unemployment numbers would be something to tout if they weren’t good before Trump took office – but this is the economy the 45th president inherited. Since he hasn’t passed a single, substantive piece of policy in his first six months, he has nothing to brag about.

It would be another story if Trump had taken office in the midst of a financial collapse and was able to implement policies that helped prevent a Great Depression and lay the groundwork for sustained growth and near full employment – that would be something to tout – but Barack Obama already did that heavy lifting before handing it off to Trump in January.

Ultimately, this is just the latest attempt by the child-in-chief to change the subject after receiving widespread backlash for the vulgar tweets he’s posted this week, most notably those directed at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

After six months of failed policy proposals, unprecedented scandals, and a deteriorating mental state, the Trump train has gone completely off the rails.