Trump Emerges From Holiday Hiding To Take Credit For Obama’s Strong Economy

Donald Trump emerged from hiding on Wednesday to do what he has done via Twitter for the past several days: Take credit for President Barack Obama’s strong economy.

In a brief statement delivered outside of his Mar-a-Lago Estate, Trump claimed that Sprint plans to bring 5,000 jobs back to the United States and a new company, OneWeb, will be hiring 3,000 U.S. workers.


While any job created in America is a good thing, the announcement from these two companies, if it turns out to be true, is small potatoes compared to the 15 million jobs created during Obama’s tenure.

It should also be noted that despite Trump now taking ownership of an economy he claimed was in bad shape during the campaign, it’s not his until he is sworn in on January 20.

Trump’s remarks today come after he posted several tweets taking credit for Obama’s economic successes:

It’s obvious what Trump is doing – taking credit for things that have nothing to do with him – because he’s done it before. But we have one president at a time and right now that president is Barack Obama – thank goodness.

Also, I’m not sure if the president-elect paid much attention to the state of the country before he decided to run for office, but things were going pretty well prior to his candidacy.

Since 2009, under President Obama’s leadership, the country has fought back from the most devastating economic downturn since the Great Depression, ultimately leading to a much stronger economy that has created millions of new jobs during the longest streak of private sector job growth in history.

Before the Trump campaign was even an idea, the economy was growing, the stock market was soaring, and deficits were falling.

The economic picture before the election was the same as it is now – pretty positive. Trump’s existence didn’t make that possible.

The only thing that has changed is that we now have a president-elect who will shamelessly take credit for things he wishes he could’ve done – and millions of his supporters who will eat it right up.