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Trump Just Blamed Obama’s Competence And Steadiness For The North Korea Mess

One would think Donald Trump would quit while he isn’t ahead, but the president had other plans on Wednesday night when he retweeted a pair of nonsense tweets blaming former President Barack Obama for Trump’s bungling of the current North Korea crisis.

The pair of tweets – one from neocon John Bolton and another from Fox News’ ‘The Five’ – slammed Obama and praised the president for being “unpredictable.”


Trump’s retweets on Wednesday demonstrate just how in denial he is. It also underscores an earlier report that Trump is absolutely obsessed with former President Obama.

As Jason Easley wrote earlier, “Donald Trump is not well, and he is obsessed because Obama was the kind of president that he will never be.”

Nowhere is that reality more visible than the latest crisis involving North Korea’s growing nuclear threat.

While Obama repeatedly proved himself to be steady and thoughtful in order to avoid making any rash decisions, Trump is the exact opposite – lashing out and threatening nuclear war without even looping in his closest advisers.

The president can cherry pick praise and read his daily propaganda packets all he wants, but facts are facts.

Barack Obama was a reassuring adult in an increasingly dangerous world, and Donald Trump is a man-sized toddler pushing the world closer to nuclear war.

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