In Hysterical Twitter Rant Trump Accuses President Obama of Wire-Tapping His Phones

In another tweetstorm this morning, Donald Trump went off on President Obama, accusing his predecessor of tapping the phones at Trump Tower, ranting about McCarthyism now instead of witch hunts, and proving once more that he does not understand the difference between official state functions, such as a president receiving an ambassador, and clandestine meetings via the back door of Trump Tower or during a national convention.

You can tell what this is all about by how Trump’s thoughts went from defending Sessions to diverting attention away from Sessions:

The last tweet is an obvious and pathetic attempt by Trump to answer charges that he is another Nixon but without the brains:

This is simply embarrassing, to have a president carrying on like this, and he is so worked up he can’t even spell “tap.”

To hear him talk about an election process in which he received help from a hostile foreign power as “sacred” is beyond belief, but this is Donald Trump, always accusing others of the things he has done, as when he demanded an investigation of Hillary Clinton for meeting, in her official capacity as Secretary of State, of meeting with the Russian ambassador.

Needless to say, Trump provides no evidence to back up his wild claims, just has he has provided no tax returns.

This is a classic move by Donald Trump. With the jaws of justice closing in on his administration over illicit meetings with representatives of a hostile foreign power, he lashes out in the most dramatic way possible to divert attention from his own wrong-doings.

The only thing that is certain at this point is that we haven’t heard the last out of the national tragedy that is the Trump White House.

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