Resistance Leader Maxine Waters Receives Standing Ovation at MTV Movie Awards

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross told Waters, "And thank you for being an extraordinary example for all of us, especially in these times.”

A Desperate Trump Lashes Out As Sally Yates Prepares to Testify

"Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council."

Idaho Republican Claims ‘Nobody Dies Because They Don’t Have Access to Health Care’

When told he was mandating the death of people on Medicaid Labrador claimed “That line is so indefensible.' What is indefensible is Trumpcare.

A New Global Warming Threat: Future Pandemics Await Us in Melting Polar Ice

Pathogens can survive centuries and 1918 influenza is just one of many pandemics that previously killed millions lurking below the melting ice

Georgia Runoff Between Ossoff and Handel Most Expensive in U.S. History

A record $30 million has been poured into a race neither side can afford to lose as Democrats seek to regain control of the House

Paul Ryan And His Office Get Busted For A Massive Lie About Trumpcare

"AHCA was posted online a month ago" and "scored by CBO -- twice." She lies. The version voted on didn't exist a month ago and was never scored.

Liar David Barton Claims That U.S. Constitution Quotes ‘Almost Verbatim’ from Bible

“You’ll find almost verbatim wording in many clauses of the Constitution to passages in the Bible. It’s a one-to-one correlation on the wording.”

Trump Claims He is Saving Us Money By Going Golfing This Weekend

"Rather than causing a big disruption in N.Y.C., I will be working out of my home in Bedminster, N.J. this weekend. Also saves country money!"

Trump Says AHCA Phase 2 Will Be ‘Great’ But it Won’t Unless it Eliminates Phase 1

"Big win in the House - very exciting! But when everything comes together with the inclusion of Phase 2, we will have truly great healthcare!"

It’s Official: Donald Trump Has Gone Golfing for the 21st Time Since Taking Office

"I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." - Donald J. Trump, August 2016

Alyssa Milano Lays Waste to the Old White Men Making Decisions About Her Vagina

"These are the lawmakers making the decisions for my vagina. Looks like none of them have made contact with one in a while."

Paul Ryan Calls Trumpcare’s Upton Amendment “Momentum,” But Really, it’s Murder

"There's one sentence every American needs to know: Trumpcare eliminates pre-existing condition protections."

Historical Novelist Bill O’Reilly Calls Dan Rather a ‘Moron’ for Criticizing Trump

“So Dan Rather, who knows very little about history, and others go out and they hammer Trump like he's a moron," says the man who knows nothing of history

He Doesn’t Know What’s in It, But Trump Desperate to Get Trumpcare 2.0 Passed

"Trump only wants 'win.' He does not know or care what's in bill or what impact it will have on millions."

Trump Appears to Fall Asleep in Midst of Late-Night Anti-Hillary Twitter Rant

"The phony..." began Trump, finishing 16-minutes later with, "...Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election."

John McCain Says Trump’s Praise of Kim Jong Un and Rodrigo Duterte ‘Very Disturbing’

While admitting he agrees with Trump half the time, McCain added, "You can't praise that kind of behavior and not raise concerns around the world."

Trump Says He Prefers a ‘Good Shutdown’ to Making a Deal With Dems to Fund Government

Frustrated with having to "do a deal" to fund the government Trump whined, "Our country needs a good 'shutdown' in September to fix mess!"

Trump Told Historian That He Could Have ‘Done a Deal’ to Stop the Civil War

“He told me a year and a half ago or so, a year ago, that, you know, he thought he could have done a deal to have averted the war.”

They Said it Was Impossible, But Georgia Dem Jon Ossoff Leads 48-47 in New Poll

Ossoff is not only up 48-47 but he holds a 12-point lead among run-off voters who voted in 2016 but did not vote in the 2014 midterms

While Trump Has Cake, Chuck Schumer Reminds Us Democrats Stand Up for Those in Need

"We will keep working to protect immigrant rights and maintain an inclusive, diverse, and strong America."