Trump Appears to Fall Asleep in Midst of Late-Night Anti-Hillary Twitter Rant

Donald Trump ended his day, as he begins so many of them, by tweeting. Or, as Ana Navarro described it,

Trump’s bizarre third-person meltdown was triggered by Hillary Clinton’s statement in the morning that “I was on the way to winning until Jim Comey’s letter…” and despite that still won the popular vote.

This statement of fact was just too much for the thin-skinned man-child dictator wannabe and he tweeted this in response:

Right, we know whose best friend James Comey was, don’t we, Donald? As Hillary adviser Peter Dauo pointed out (a few hours before Trump’s tweets, as it happens), “How many times in U.S. history has a candidate been under FBI investigation on Election Day?? And voters falsely believed HIS OPPONENT was.

Probably never.

Here there was a 16-minute pause in Tweeting, as though Trump forgot that he had left off one word into his second tweet.

We don’t know if he lost his train of thought, saw a shiny object, or had perhaps fallen asleep leaving an aide to finish the thought.

The lapse prompting former Guantanamo prosecutor Col. Morris Davis to quip, “16 minutes between tweets … his legs will be going numb soon.”

It is remarkable to see how both Trump and his base seem to cling to the notion that being Hillary Clinton is a greater crime than selling out your country to Russia.

With plentiful help from Vladimir Putin and a timely boost from James Comey, Trump got into the White House because the fail-safe established by the Founding Fathers to keep a populist demagogue out of the White House – the Electoral College – failed us when it was needed most.

“Great campaign”? Not so much. Treasonous? Yes, yes it was. And this missing 16 minutes? Like the Nixon Tapes, it is a gap that will never be accounted for.